2-1-2 How to Play Major Triads for Grade 1 Piano – Free Piano Lesson with Lisa

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Lesson: Today we are going to learn to play Major Triads for Grade 1 piano. We will learn to play hands separately, the Major triads in solid or blocked form for C Major, G Major and F Major.

In this Series of videos, we will be learning the technical exercises (scales and triads) and etudes (preparatory pieces) for Royal Conservatory, RCM, Grade 1 Piano using the current syllabus, 2019.


Find the complete free video lesson index and ebook at PianoVideoLessons.com:

Free Online Piano Course (Year 2, Unit 1 – Grade 1 Piano Technical Exercises and Etudes):


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Rojit Thomas says:

Do I need to practice the triads with both left and right hand together? cos I find it awfully hard

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