3 Tips For Playing With A Band – Piano Lesson (Pianote)

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Jamming with a rhythm section is the best way for any piano player to begin to learn the techniques and tricks to play with other musicians. It’s a great way learn to see rhythm and space as creative tools and not just annoying practice conditions.

Special thanks to Andrew Clarke and Reuben Spyker for providing guitar and drums!

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TheRoneZone says:

Add these 3 tips to my 7 Things Not To Do When Playing Keyboards In A Band video , and we've got 10 Tips my friend.

Humphrey Singculan says:

I literally can't hear the base

Czamyr Jacob Amandy says:

Can I plug a surge protector into an extension Cord?

Bobomasai Ou says:

0:36 whattt aree thooseee

zixaing AB says:


T Jumrustanasan says:

Quick question: is there a specific term for the “lick” he always does at the end? I want to look deeper into that on YouTube but barely find anything with keyword lick. I suppose lick is a bit jazzy. This thing he does is more pop -ish which is not exactly the same thing(is it?)

Chad Bierman says:

Awesome thanks!

Albert Wilson Piano says:

Could u tell the chord progressions used.?

Daan Marx says:

You have a beautiful golden beard

JJS Gaymes says:

brilliant video

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