#6 Music theory: Interval Music theory

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This music theory lesson covers intervals, some basic musical signs, as well as staccato and legato playing.

I hope you Enjoyed the music theory!

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zin says:

"free flowing crap, excuse my language" wtf how did we come to this this guy is too much of a saint

Paul Zero says:

As an Italian i'm feeling a little bit triggered right now :c

hybrid gamer says:

Hello Andrew, is it fine if I skip the sheet music tutorial and jump right into playing piano tutorials like how to use both hands or how to play any song etc.

Susan Johann says:

This may be somewhere in the comments, but is there anything for medium volume?

Patriarc Fox says:

When will he get back to piano, my hands no work good but my eyes work find

TheStrengthandhonor says:

Thank you SO much Andrew!

Gary Leermont says:

I have learnt more in watching 6 vids than I did during all my music lessons in school……………. I can understand the layout of a music sheet so much more now. I don't even own a piano but I have a feeling that I will eventually be getting one. I know these vids are old and Andrew won't read updates etc But Thankyou Andrew very much.

Evan Stouber says:

I wish for the sheet music he gave a recap at the end of the videos to say how we should practice. Pretty much what I'm gonna practice for the next couple of days is the flashcards. I don't really know what else I should be practicing from this episode. Maybe the f and p control? Idk, but I'ma stick with the learning!

sebastian murillo says:

thank you very much, I'm aspiring to be a pianist but I can't pay for a teacher. VERY grateful 🙂

ViiV Creations says:

I played trumpet for 4 years and the sheet music sure is different than with piano

Lingo says:

15:18 rip headphone users

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