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Welcome to this 5 minute masterclass on Altered Chords For Jazz Piano.

Altered tensions add colour and texture to our chord voicings and this has become one of the staple sounds of jazz piano. In this lesson we will work through each altered tension over dominant chords. There are only 4 of them to learn, and we will explore the colour and texture created by each of them.

Practice In The Context Of 251s
For all of the examples in this lesson, we will apply the alterations to the V7 chord in a selection of major 251s. We will pay attention to where the tension wants to resolve.

This is often just up or down a half step and being able to visualise this will create smoother transitions in your chord progressions.

b9s, #9s, #11s, & #5s
For any dominant chord, you have a choice of 4 possible altered tensions. You can combine these alterations to create more complex altered dominant sounds, but for the purpose of this tutorial we will just focus on single note alterations.

Upper Structure Triads
The information in this lesson is a nice pre-study for the concept of “Upper Structure Triads”. There is a whole PianoGroove course dedicated to this area of jazz piano which you can find in our “Intermediate Jazz Piano” courses.

The core premise behind Upper Structure Triads is that we can quickly access complex altered dominant sounds by simply remembering a handful of formulas where we superimpose triads above the dominant shell.


Marinduque - The Heart of the Philippines says:

You put it so simply yet these chords sound so divine. Treasured lesson in my jazz toolbox. Thanks a ton.

Anderson Gonçalves Pereira says:

Amazing! Thank's for sharing. The best ii, v, i class of my life.

Mahdi Habibpour says:

I just understood the word “chord”🙂

Joshua Del Mundo says:

Thank you so much! This video helps me improved my Jazz Skills!:))💓 I loved it!

Carl Does Music says:

jazzy 2 5 1 in C… Who else thinking of "Sunday Morning"?

Lonesome says:

0:15 Dm7, G7, C△7

0:26 Dm9, G13, C69

0:40 Dm11, G13, C△13

1:49 Dm11, G7(♭9), C69

2:12 Dm11, G7(♭9), C△9

2:35 Dm11, G7(♯9), C△13

3:18 Dm9, G7(♯11), C△9

3:36 Dm9, G7(♯11), C6

4:02 Dm11, G7(♯5), C△9

4:41 E♭m9, A♭7(♭9), D♭△13

5:12 E♭m11, A♭7(♯11), D♭△9

5:32 Gm9, C13, F△9

5:38 Gm9, C13(♭9), F69

6:05 Gm11, C13, F△13

6:19 Gm9, C9(♯11), F69

6:27 Gm9, C7(♯5), F6

Alessio de nicolo says:

thanks a lot. this will make for me lots of new ways to play.

Solomon Y says:

I want to join for classes lessons please guide me how to contact you how please…

UrbanSmash SoulJah says:


Tony Tsai says:

How to make this video ? What kind of software can do this? Please advise! Thanks!

Edgar says:

These chords you run often into, but very good to take the time to look at why you'd choose one and how it makes sense to the next one. Thanks for this lesson!

D. Snelson says:

Was just about to request a video on altered dominants and boom, here you are. Your channel is invigorating and reignited my passion for this thing called Jazz.

Kate Rodriguez says:

please more lessons from the real book

James Heatherly says:

Love these, I learn best with chords written out in this style huge help for understanding everything quickly

Tina Daxx says:

Ingenious as always!

OneEye Monster says:

Mix V Major
Mix b2 V Harmonic Major

Mix b6 V melodic min

Mix b2, b6 V Harmonic min

Mix #4 IV Melodic min

Mix #2, #4 vi Harmonic min b5

loc b4 VII Melodic min
phygian b4 III of Harmonic MAJOR

loc b4, bb6 VII of Melodic min b5

You can play the double harmonic min
A min…B7 into E min,,then E7 into A min

Or play A min , D7, D# dim/aug into E min

or you can play the A lydian b3 as A min….B7 into E Major
or play G# 7 into C # minor ( phrgian b4)

You can play Bb Maj7 ( A Harmonic min b2 or melodic min b2)
to G Min…ect.. D7 into G min…..C7 , D7 into G melodic minor

Or Play Bb7…C7 into F melodic minor

C# min/ Eb Major….
C# Meldodic min b2…….D7 E7 into A melodic minor ( A minor…again)

You just have to get used to play Dominant into MAJOR or Min
G7 into C MAJOR or C min
E7 into A MAJOR or A min

example G7 #4 ( That #4 is the leading tone into D melodic minor)
or you can simply play the C# into D
A min…..B dim C# dim into D
G7 A7 into D min

晏芝 says:

Dear Sir, 

This is a music education institution in mainland China. We've get deeply impressed by your Piano Groove series courses and believe it has good prospects. Thank you for your contribution to jazz fans all over the world. We are currently carrying on translating this series of courses. And it will be highly honored if we can acquire your official authorization since you are the original author.

David Suazo says:

Excellent master jazz piano ! Thank maestro .

Albou Mcinen says:

Aaaah the sound is great, gonna practice these, thanks!

Junior Junin says:

nice nice top top beutfull

Iko.piano says:

great totorail

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