Autumn Leaves – Improvisation Etude│Jazz Piano Lesson #45

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Александр Антонов says:

Very cool and useable 👌

Aqua Angie 88 says:

David I just discover you site. Where is the beginning or where do I start so I can go step by step.

Ammi AMMI says:

Thanks a lot. Much appreciated.

z xy says:

Thank you.谢谢

Cinematik says:

Great channel! The author is incredibly talanted both as jazz musician and teacher

Rafael Orts Espadero says:

Muchas Gracias !

George Saga says:

Excelentísimo tutorial, muchas gracias


Gracias David …muy buen trabajo…excelente vídeo tutorial. 👏👏👏👏

Cristiano SPaulo says:

God! This is beautiful chanel. Congratulations my friend.

Nick says:

what's the song at the end?

Phi Lam Music says:

Classical pianist of 19 years here; this video is perfect for my jazz exercises (jazzercises?) Thanks so much for notating so meticulously and making the videos quick to jump in to and work on. It’s seriously great to have such easy access to exercises

이준석 says:

Long time no see
nice to see u again

Louie Andreas says:

Straight No Chaser in F and focus on which scales for improvising with chords and phrasing.  This would be a cool thing to show us all.  Kind regards and thanks Louie

Jakub K says:

Oh no! I was really hoping to see Brad's Waltz for JB! Ha

Nice to see a new video 🙂

らくとあいす says:

I want to take your lesson “Taking a chance on love“

Doctor Jim says:

Missed you!

Angelo Nucellese says:

Thanks.. Grt job, for me…

Jakob 223 says:

Welcome back 🙂

Chokri Daii says:

Welcome back David , we missed your lessons

DIY김수현 says:

Long time no ses!!!😂😂 hi!!! Welcome back David!! 🤗🤗

인자기 says:

Thank you for your back!! Im your big fan in Korea South

Michał Jakub Kosiński says:

Do you have lesson with "Take the A train"? with walking bass?

Gussy Rikh says:

Very educational. Thank you.

Арт Ломакин says:

Dave, you would know how glad I am that you're back! Although the routine has now increased :-))

fabian patiño says:

omg master!!!!!!! excellent video !!!! thanks

Marcus Roberts says:

So glad your Back!

Silje Ruud says:

I can't play piano because I can't do different things with my hands at the same time

1-up Man says:

Can i ask what those notes in the parentheses mean? You’re not playing them at all, so y are they there?

1-up Man says:


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