“Autumn Leaves” Piano Tutorial

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“Autumn Leaves” Piano Tutorial

In this video, Scott The Piano Guy Houston and his guest Bradley Sowash show you how to play “Autumn Leaves” on piano. First they focus on playing the jazz standard as a slow ballad then later in the song they show you how to jazz it up quite a bit. Bradley will even show you some identifiable chord changes used in “Autumn Leaves.”

In this video Bradley also does a great job of explaining how the circle of fifths and kicks are utilized in this song.

This song is fun to play because there is a great opportunity to fill up some great musical space with some “noodling” with your right hand. Bradley shows you how to stick to the notes in the scale to noodle around during the break in the melody.

Bradley will explain the need to wear three hats to play this song well—Chord Guy, Fill Guy and Melody Guy.

Scott Houston is the host of The Piano Guy television series on PBS and has taught hundreds of thousands of folks like yourself, how to have some fun on their piano or keyboard. He wants to help you too! Bradley Sowash has been a guest on the show on numerous occasions.

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“Autumn Leaves” Piano Tutorial


Dazzer1234567 says:

The guy on the stool should have been smoking a pipe, THAT would have made it properly jazzy!

Momento Mori says:

too many memes on this video

Federico Giorgi says:

It amazes me how much introduction and logos and unrelated chichat you added to a tutorial

Jelen de Camacho says:

Solo bla bla bla bla y nada

sboby says:

This is fucking amazing. Shit.

Graham Nichols says:

Great episode. Learned a lot from this. Thanks.

Brian Petersen says:

Beautiful… and helpful!

Nicolas Égré says:

Great solo! Just for the record : "Autumns Leaves" ("Feuilles d'automne") ares lyrics written by Jacques Prévert, a great 20th French poet.

joselmed says:

awesome tutorial! i am learning how to play this piece now, and this really helps. I really liked the explanation about walking the bass

Michael OHalloran says:

Wow, wow, wow. Thanks Scott … Scary thing is somehow you almost made it make sense to me….

InfamousGeese says:

Great player and great video!!

CSMedia says:

To much prattle, focus on teaching instead of chatting! You are waisting peoples time as well as your own. Leave you too it!

Caleb wilson says:

What scales can i use to solo over this??

aldo fabrizio says:


Stefan Lechner says:

Really fantastic video! Thanks for this!

Ness Challis says:

Truly great to hear this guy play – but what a shame that this solo was not broken down and explained in much more detail. This would have at least given us mere mortals who walk this earth a better chance of understanding on how this was constructed and so therefore achieved.

Steve Heald says:

am I assuming when the piano "rings/sustains' he has the sustain pedal on? and then off constantly??

ElectricPlugProductions says:

I just realized the chord progression is exactly the same as Passacaglia by Handel! So hey, maybe jazz does take some hints from baroque music.

74tibs says:

"got really popular when originally Roger Williams recorded it"…. oh, so not when Nat Cole sung it then yeah? lost his relevance already…

Alex Kain says:

Don't you add the 9th when you play the Cminor7th chord?

Giulio Mapelli says:

it's a pity
the lamps seems the ones for a funeral!

cjauberty says:

Great video. I loved it. Thanks.

Andy MacGregor says:

Great stuff. For a classic bit of Bach 'jazz' using exactly the same chord progression, check out the gavotte from his third lute suite BWV 995.

iron-lex says:

The performance in the end gotta be one of the best ive heard of this.

Joel says:

Simply wow, amazing lessons !

朱镝中 says:

Precious teaching, thanks for sharing.

Dinosaurs and I says:

Those lessons are GOLD.

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