Ave Maria (Schubert) – Easy piano lesson (Part 1)

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See Part 2 and the complete slow version with music guide at www.fasttrackpiano.com

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Master Mac says:

Kinda sucks you did not plat the whole thing. Get to bed with no dinner.

Christopher Garrett says:

How bout next time give some notes

hang ron says:

Hi Derald ! This song "Ave Maria" sounds very nice . Thank you for the video . Can i have a music sheets please & Thank you (hangron94@yahoo.com)

Classic Piano Teacher says:

Ave Maria by Schubert is a beautiful song

Janice Lehane says:

this is really poor for a tutorial

JoannaThe Bannana says:

You didn't even teach or did it slow

Joe Muscente says:

this is not good … playing chords to ave maria does not do it justice

Filip Dimitrijevic says:

this isnt the original , i play full accords with my left hand , and with right hand i play aaaaaaveeeeeeeeeee mariaaaaaaa 😀

Ana Navarro says:

Congratulations, plays very well, thanks for playing and see you step into my keyboard, you make a very good and easy way! Required (I used the google translator because I'm Brazilian!) Kisses

Juliana Cabral says:

cara vc toca muito bem mas mostra toda a música e não só uma parte.
Faaz um tutorial também né?!!

Christina Carrington says:

was really looking forward to learning to play the rest of the song, if u rele wanted to teach us and share your knowledge, part 2 would be free of cost, like most other online teachers..

24whitestripes says:

from here it looks easy but when you try it its hard

Strawberrysunset23 says:

The way he slows it down, and then goes fast it makes the song sound ugly but I get used to it, then i learn to play it like that

Marilu Raquel says:

Hi Daryl, would you please do Ave Maria the same way you did Silent Night?? it just worked out perfect for me! thank you!!!

Stefan Sandrock says:


monosoaring says:

@AMAZINGemoPAZAMABAMF piece of cake version

Rose Anderson says:


1175ghost says:

this is advert not for free forget about tutorial 30 dolars


part 2?
the part 1.. is already

Juan Suárez says:

ugky hands! and ugly version!

VietFiddle says:

Thank you for telling me not to waste my time to visit his website.
He is dishonest man any way, for not telling people that he will charge them 10 dollars.

In10s says:

can u make it slower pls

Leine Shin says:

@sanjosemilpitas by the angle the camera is pointed, it is meant to be viewed clearly by people who wants to learn to play ave maria by looking at the keys he is pressing while playing the song, it's another way of teaching -,- don't you get the saying " watch and learn"?

Pepe Vargas says:

i ain't payin 10 $. fasttrackpiano sucks. i prefer to learn from the good caring people on youtube.

gladys mesa says:

i like it..

Fong Parker says:

I want to learn this song!

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