BlueberryHill – Piano Jazz Lesson by Antoine Herve

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Piano Jazz teaching : how to play BlueberryHill on piano by famous jazz pianist Antoine Herve. Advice on piano blues playing, double notes, comping, after beat, solo piano blues arrangement, how to emulate drums on the piano
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gary pareja says:

that's just COOL

thomas jesser says:

Why C Fats Domino plays it in B flat

George Isshak says:

Hi Henry
I enjoy your playing and teaching . Can you create a download compatible with I pad ?

Jenny Y says:

Hello Antoine,
Can I ask how to learn Blueberry hills from you, I'm hoping to learn your improvisation…..sooooo beautiful

Rocky Wiseman says:

What about the bridge?

Mac Clift says:

The passion is there: beautiful!

Bernt Klingvall says:

Great version of Blueberry Hill, thank you!

Bob says:

AWESOOOMMMMEEEEE….!!!!! I love it….. Antoine !!!!….

wmembers says:

친절 한 레슨 ,
환상적인 연주 , 감동 이네요  !
오래오래 건강 하시고 ,
행복 하세요 .. ..

Mak Tea says:

Thank you for providing the English translation on this particular lesson, very enjoyable.

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