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All background / interlude music is taken from my ‘Best Chords In The World’ ebook / video bundle, which you can listen to and download at:


jazz piano lesson tutorial bossa nova

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Joaking Blaze says:

Hey, what about what chords to play

Alex Zevach says:

Sun doesn't bite mate

Rainer Buck says:

In your example you're playing the melody in 3rds and 6ths. Do you have a tutorial on this technique? I think a lot of people would be intereted in this! Because I only play single notes in the melody but I know there are people who play with triads in the melody or like you in 3rds and 6ths. Perhaps you could help us! By the way, thanks for all your videos, some of them helped me a lot!!!

Ferdinand Martin says:

Julien the man is here when I need him. A video from 2013 helps me now in 2019 writing my own song. Looking forward to you next mail you'll send me =D

Davi Victor says:

I´m from brazil

Koen Roels says:

What piano are you playing? Sounds great!

Faron McLurkin says:

Can you make a samba video?

YoonKyeong Choi says:


J says:

Somehow, Shiro Sagisu's "Barefoot in the Club (Jazz)" brought me here.*

betra@ says:

What's the tune while Bill Evans is shown?

Caio Monteiro says:

BRAZIL in da hooooooooouuuuuse

howiewonder says:

i love your tutorials

William Nash says:

Esse garoto branco sabe o que ele está fazendo. Muito bom tutorial.

Proman Proman says:

Congratulation !!! thak you for video, Here in Argentina Buenos Aires

Hyperbole Master Kerry says:

Thanks for this lesson. It looks easy and I love the rhythm.

My instrument (MoXf8) has so much, that I am going to have to dedicate lots of time to learning how to program it for things like the Bossa Nova percussion.

I noticed you are using "Superior Grand" on your Roland. I wonder if there is a compatibility chart so I can know the name of the same sound on my Yamaha?

Simon Ross says:

frkn fabulous !

Kathy Duncan says:

very good presentation.

ArtOfScore says:

very good lesson!

Matteo Tedesco says:

Thank you for the great tutorial, but could you maybe make a new video to go in more deeply into bossa chord progressions and harmony?

jose francisco montufar says:

quiero los libros como los consigo

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