Build Hand Independence With The Blues (Piano lesson)

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When I starting playing around with the blues I was shocked at how difficult it was for me to play a swing rhythm in my left hand while I played a different chord rhythm in my right.

This is what I was trying to do, and is Jordan’s lesson that I mention in the video:

It was downright embarrassing. BUT it was also challenging, and in the end, it forced me to practice and actually develop better hand independence.

The key is the break things down into small, simple steps. Master those, and then gradually introduce more complicated concepts. By doing this, I was able to get the hang of it reasonably quickly!

The big thing that helped me here was counting out loud. Don’t be afraid to do this. Don’t worry if someone will hear you — counting out loud can really help you place the beats.

Hand independence IS frustrating. If you struggle with it, you’re not alone! But the best way to get better is to work on it and practice.

Here are the timecodes for today’s lesson:

– What we are working towards (the end result) – 0:50

– How to start – simplify the left hand – 1:10

– Adding a simple right hand – 1:20

– Adding some intensity – 1:34

– Getting a little more complicated (time to count) – 1:59

– Adding some ‘bluesy’ flair – 3:21

– Turning it all into the 12-Bar Blues – 3:39

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Emmanuel K. A. Mensah says:

Amazing . thank you so much

Emmanuel K. A. Mensah says:

Amazing . thank you so much

Mavros Gatto says:

OMG can't believe I got it, this is perfect thank you 🍎😊

Lucie HUANG says:

love your videos so much it's just amazing !!! After blues can you do some tracks about jazz ?

Simon Cogan says:

This reminds me of a Eureka moment a few years back when I suddenly understood the timing of the Jimmy Yancey left hand but it was only obvious once you put triplets in the right hand .

Jakov Budić says:

Thank you! Great video. Could you do something on polyrhythms?

hube47 says:

After watching Jordan’s lesson I went through the same process of trying to break down this triplet! Even though I figured it out, so glad to see this posted. Love your videos of practical exercises.

Ryngkat Dkhar says:

Thank you miss for your helpful tutorial, kindly give a tutorial lession for the song myth endless love by Jakie chan

the bukowski myth says:

i like the blonde girl with the cool tattoo, tell her she made my day, i signed up for your mailing list ages ago and finally today i stopped ignoring them, this is my first video and i loved it, if i get time im watching more today. my keyboard has sat here 2 years waiting for this moment, and will probably wait a little mor but… thanks kids

Suliman Hassan says:

I'm music producer and i have good knowledge in music but never played a piano.
Your videos get me super excited to buy a piano and start learning and apply my knowledge on the keys
I Love sooo Much Lisa 💕💕

Dyego Silva Pinto says:

Hello, I'm a beginner when it comes to piano and I was trying to find good videos on YouTube to learn and yours were what I liked the most. Your content is really great and the way you teach and talk about the lesson it's amazing and the flow that you progress with the lesson is fantastic as well. Thank you very much for your content.

AwesomeMan2696 says:

I've been playing keys for almost 10 years now. I've been come across over the years hundreds of piano teachers online and bookmarked and watched over thousands of videos (I am NOT exaggerating). By far Lisa is one of the best if not the best teacher I've come across, her videos are so easy and practical to put into use. So thank you Lisa! and to Pianote, please KEEP her as the teacher!!! She is a needle in a haystack as a teacher!

Sterling Nykamp says:

My current challenge with left hand runs and cross overs is the "c" section of fountain of dreams. Definitely using these exercises to introduce the right hand. And i totally went over the same 6 measures for probably 5 hours today. It was amazing to sit down and not even know the notes and now im playing at 50% speed with my metronome. Thanks again for your hard work

Don Nguyen says:

I love the bite-size morsels of piano wisdom.

Fulfill Khongkiang says:

Thankyou Miss Lisa for yet another helpful tutorial. Keep them coming… Love all your videos.

michael Scaturro says:

Thank you, you are a great teacher. You make learning fun.

Roger Greaves says:

This is brilliant..especially how it's broken down..I'm a beginner and managed to not only get this down, but had so much fun doing it once I got it..and the best part is the variations and possibilities towards the end (which I haven't got yet) that are gonna be some serious fun to try and play and are pretty limitless..Love all your videos, everything about them!
Mucho appreciation 🤘

vince wilson says:

There is my board the MX88 love it

Anders Kjøllesdal Hansen says:

Where is the third? 🤔

Eli Godfrey says:

Thank you! More counting in your future vids, please, it's a huge help 😎

kofi debrah says:

So true about going on and on and on when you get the groove going.

Simon Goddeti says:

Bring more Gospel and blues

gabri3ltz says:

I can do this! Thank You!

Obed Santana says:

Thanks for the lesson!

Perry Wang says:

I want more boogie woogie pls

Jack Gold says:

Thanks for another great video! In the intro to this video when you said you realized that you couldn't play the piece as a demonstration, I was reminded of something.

If I've learned anything since beginning my journey to learn how to play the piano, it's this irrefutable axiom:

Playing any instrument "spontaneously" can only be achieved through constant practice.

Even Improvisation is the culmination of many repetitions of many different melodies, rhythms, and chord progressions.

I remind myself of this every time I sit at my piano or practice finger movements on my legs.

Thanks again!

Baldemar Salazar says:

Thank you 👍🏻

Mahesh medapati says:

Love you so much. For your smile

Peter Wald says:

And now there's blues for you.
5 Minutes.

Whish i had this before i listened to hours of people trying to hit me with abstract terms and combinations, explanations of a level far above and totally personalzied through individual experience in years of practice. It would have saved me the time of twenty minutes per video of people introducing themselves, then explaining in a way as if the excercise would be repertoire from the getgo, ending in showing off, leaving me with more questions than i came with.

Thanks guys. But I guess i'll rather stick with Pianote here.

On a personal note:
I hope you don't lose your little "skill insecurity" because i think it's a really uselful engine of your skill to explain things. So keep on doubting ;9
As this famous pianist was ask why he was still practicing after so many years and success replied:
"Cause i think i'm getting the hang of it."

Please go on. My skills improve daily.

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