Burlesque Blues – Piano Lesson by Jonny May

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amatrice band says:

Thanks so much. I like playing latin piano but this tickled the ragtime and stride in me again. You are a great teacher. I like the way you go through the lesson.

Dalton the flight simmer says:

I have no money for the website, i am only 15 and really want to learn jazz.😢

Olsen Fox says:

can you sat what the piano model is ? thanks 😀

agricultura orgânica says:

Obrigado Jonny. Jorge, do Brasil, te agradece.

Cadence Nee says:

I can't reach a octive!

David B says:

I making progress as a beginner, any tips on the sus pedal? Thanx again.

David B says:

At 14:04 why are you playing the C# when you said the 2 middle notes stay the same (A & C)? I'm confused ….great tutorial though.

David B says:

Great job, will subscribe

Mark Haddadin says:

Thank you so much,, please more hands coordination exercises!

Staecia Foglia says:

Your winter wonderland cover!!!!!! 😍😍

David Gerber says:

What a fun little piece. Just right for my level. This fits right in with the Count Basie arrangements I've been playing. Thanks so much for sharing.

Keith the Sheep says:

Thanks Jonny!

Ross Carbis says:

Don't know if your taking suggestions yet, but I was wondering if you could do a lesson on rock and roll piano?

Lydos77 says:

Oh yeah !!!!!!!!!! I love you Jonny !!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm the 7th !!!!!!!! Thank you for this channel Jonny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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