Chicago | Vlog 124

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Welcome to Music Producer/Beat Maker/Video Director/Entrepreneur Cracka Lack Vlog series CrackaLackTV. Episode 124 includes:

– Trip to Chicago
– Playing the piano
– Behind the scenes of Loki Da Bandit “Party Animal” Rap music video in Chicago, Illinois
– Behind the scenes of Jonny Blaise “Bar Tour” music video in Chicago, Illinois
– Treed’s surprise 30th birthday party

and much more…

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Video Edited by Cracka Lack. – Coupon YOUTUBE20 | 20% OFF – Coupon CRACK20 | 20% OFF

Chicago | Vlog 124 behind the scenes music video playing piano


CrackaLackTV says:

Thumbs up for standing up playin the piano? or nah….?

Just Robert says:

"Life, if you're watching this.. Try me!" LOL! Another one, my dude! Keep it up. God bless!

Robert Nesmith says:

Bro, If I start writing or podcasting, we gotta work mane. #Network

Robert Nesmith says:

Bro. You bout the business fr. Make we wanna start writing. I fuck with your productions. Found you through Dub Deezy

Brooks Autry says:

You are truly a talented dude…. I wish you much success manπŸ”₯πŸ‘

Joquan Da Hooligan says:

As right beat the hell out of my life like it oh you money

Prod. By MDOTDASUPA says:

CrackaLack on The Track!!!

7point says:

Real friend and nice video showing thatπŸ’―πŸ’―

CrackaLackTV says:

Notification Gang?

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