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jazz piano lesson tutorial


Robert Bernard says:

Great stuff Julian. I have watched the first video and this one obviously and was wondering if you have to start of the scale from the 1note in the scale or for example in a c major scale over a 2,5,1 can you start anywhere on the white notes so it doesn’t sound so ‘scalelike’ ?

Emre Uğur says:

You mentioned that in 2-5-1 the scale that should be played is the 1 cords scale but can't we play each chords it's individual scale?

Karen Mata says:

Great stuff, Mr. Bradley
I began classical piano study at age 9 until about 13…at 14 I started with a jazz professor…by 17 he had me in the AFM here in the states…then I went away to school and it was all put aside.
I was never taught any theory though, and you are such a breath of fresh air.
This is exactly what I was looking for, and your explanations are concise where even I can understand them…Thanks.

Tad Pole says:

These videos are fantastic. Would you recommend also learning base key for jazz theory such as Cm or C?

Pedro Machado says:

The traditional way of teaching music theory makes more sense. First scales, then chords.

Pter da wolf says:

Is it easier to find the 9th,11th and 13th notes by just playing the next triad to the one your playing. So Cmaj7 just play notes from D.
Dmaj7 play triad Em

Hyperbole Master Kerry says:

My gosh, this is so fascinating and I'm learning so much music theory in the short videos. I always love listening, but now I'm also understanding the fundamentals, so thank you.

O.W.N. says:

Absolute GOLD. Thank you ALL!!!!

jiz_mousa says:

where's part 3? 🙁

Ace1000 # says:

thanks for the vids so much! im using them to get ready to become a pro jazz musician and possibly study at college!

Mahmood Fakhry says:

Like very nice

Soon Woo Lee says:

Great tutorial. thanks so much.

Edwin Rajkumar says:

Very useful tips for a pro Musician who has seen much of Jazz

Andre Quizanga says:

hey Julian i would love you to make the third part of the video complete introduction to jazz please i really beg you

Ness Challis says:

Thanks very much Julian – Is there a part 3?

Joseph P says:

Brilliant. On a second viewing after some time taking lessons, i gained a lot.

I'd love a video on tips for how to improvise rhythms within a certain time, such as to create a two-bar phrase. I find it quite difficult to know when the improvised note values are still contained within the available bars for improv. I'm not sure how to go about training myself to do this.

Forrest Man says:

where is part 3 already???

Jonivan Carter says:

I'm so happy you create tutorials. Im an absolute beginner, had to watch some other videos first to really absorb the info here, but this was very helpful. I couldn't keep my hands off the piano long enough to finish the video… so I watched it again lol.

Reza Sahjpaul says:

Is the second chord in a 2-5-1 progression always dominant?

Asher Crane says:

Thank you! It was like pulling teeth to find someone who is willing to explain these concepts clearly and to the point. You are the man!

Reggiebguitar says:

You truly have a gift for explaining theory clearly and concisely. I really enjoy your lessons.

Palavalve says:

Man, you are a godsend. This is exactly what I've been looking for. Your explanations are simple enough for someone with basic theory understanding, without pandering to a complete beginner audience. Subbed immediately!

Jay O says:

hello JazzMan I would like to know if you have the jazz hero e book in a video form cos I'm a visual learner. I'm interested to buy it if you do. Thanks.

David Aston says:

clear concise and communicable

Dario Sanchez Martinez says:

Thanks! I've been playing piano for about 5 years now, though never thought jazz was fun, mainly because I didn't really understand it. Now, I've been listening jazz and been getting more into it. I've tried to learn it, though a lot of videos didn't really show me the foundations. Now I've learned Jazz in just an hour with your introduction! Thanks a bunch! Subbed.

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