David Hazeltine – Bebop Piano Lesson 1

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Description: In part one (1 of 2) of this bebop piano lesson series, acclaimed pianist David Hazeltine shows you the quintessential elements of bebop. David discusses and demonstrates scale types, arpeggios, chord tone embellishment, vocabulary and more. If you’re looking to gain some bebop piano knowledge from a true master of the style, this jazz piano masterclass series is for you.

* There is an accompanying PDF for this series which includes the embedded notation from the videos. It is part of the bundle package above or it can be purchased separately here.

Topics Covered: Piano, Bebop, Bebop Devices, Scales, Resolutions, Arpeggios, Chord Tones, Chromatic Improvisation, Scale Shapes, Patterns, Inversions, Appoggiaturas, Chromatics, Rhythmic Variations, The Language of Bebop, The Foundation of Modern Jazz, Pitch Rhythms, Transcribing, Style, Vocabulary, Etc.

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Leon Finik says:

I took private lessons from David. It was very beneficial.
He is a rare combination of "playing musician" and educator

tellyaddict3 says:

This has got to be one of the most instructional 2 minute videos ever!

Evan Miles says:

Very cool! I’m gonna work on more scale shapes!

Lee Loh says:

What Is the name of The song at the begining ?

D'bra Powell says:

Dave you are great. How can I study with you?

Music Teacher Guy says:

Dave, how to work out fingerings for all this stuff?

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