DAY 1: LEARN TO PLAY MEMORIES (Maroon 5) | PIANO LESSONS everyday by CHLOE FLOWER during Coronavirus

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Here is the first lesson I am uploading, Memories by Maroon5!
Requested by ALEX and SARAH
London, United Kingdom

Remember to comment below with requests of what song you would like to learn!

This tutorial is a bit more advanced, probably best for someone with some experience on the piano. If you do NOT have a piano at home, download a piano app on your iPad and just learn one hand at a time! I will also be uploading ROW ROW ROW YOUR BOAT everyday in a new key so you can also learn how to play in any key!

MEMORIES is based off of Pachelbel’s Canon, so as you learn, you will hear the familiarity of that song too. Let that be a guide for your ear, and trust your instincts as you learn. Hit as many wrong notes as you need to, repetition is going to eventually weed out all of those wrong notes!

Some other useful information:

The Key:
B MAJOR (5 accidentals, or Sharps #)
F#, C#, G# D#

The Left Hand Progression Chords:
B Major
F# Major
G# minor
D# minor
E Major
B Major
E Major
F# Major
If you only play those bass notes in the left hand, you will still hear and feel the essence of the song!


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Desi says:

You’re awesome 💜

Mysto says:

Can next lesson be how to play by ear i have been playing for 1 year with a tutor but i can’t play by ear so i ‘d really appreciate some advice from an amazing artist like you

Monica Velasquez says:

i hear canon? is it just me? lol

karyl505 says:

Yay!!! Okay! I have the left hand down! It taken me a while like an hour but 💪🏼. Thank ten billion for doing this for us!!😃❤️❤️

Dick# says:

Don’t forget to hire your piano tech when this is all over…

Nataly Padilla says:

🤍🤍could you pls do when the party’s over by Billie eilish 🤍🤍

Ирина Радулова says:

thank you very much!!!!!!!! 🌸🌸✨✨✨

Pianist Magazine says:

We just adore this. Big props to you Chloe 👏🏻

Valeria Rodriguez says:

Can you PLEASE do Mia & Sebastian’s Theme from the movie La La Land? I’ve been trying to learn how to play it for a while now and I can’t get it right. This song makes me feel something I can’t explain, like a sense of total peace. Please, it would mean so much to me!

Stunning Love says:

Please play Billie Ellish—Everything I Wanted for my daughter. Encouraging her to keep practicing, is challenging, it seems to come relatively naturally for her. Was there ever a time when you were younger that you wanted to quit? Would you speak to that or encourage the younger player?

Stunning Love says:

Thanks for sharing with us, so cool!

Mike says:

Request: Can You Feel The Love Tonight

stella lawson says:

As you are playing the keys with both hands, you should indicate the alphabet. You did initially, why did you stop? Please, do so in your subsequent teachings and You only indicated what notes to play with your left-hand progression chords. Why did you not indicate what notes you should play in your right-hand progression chords?? Please try to make it so simple when you are teaching, by indicating the alphabets

Tamara Payne says:

This is wonderful. Thank you! This is the perfect work break. Can you teach "Cranes In the Sky," sung by Solange, written by Raphael Saadiq?

Carol Lane says:

I’d love to play a sara Bareilles Song. (“You Can Have Manhattan.”)

Ryan Newton says:

I ain't mad atcha by Tupac

Périne says:

Love it !!! To the next lesson : G Minor by Bach ???

nielle rage says:

Thank you 🙏 love it!

hike21 says:

love it btw

hike21 says:

sounds so much like the beginning of canon in d by pachabel …… left end that is

Desireé D'elia says:

Yassssss 🥰😍

Kevin Oinam says:

Maroon 5 – Canon in B? lol.

MarCor says:

Bass and Melody – Sweet😍🎹

Siofra Kelleher says:

I’m a huge fan but a pretty basic piano player. This is such a great idea for people stuck at home. I would love to see a tutorial for When the party’s over by Billie Eilish.

Alain Benoit says:

I think it’s so cool that you decided to do this and Interesting to see what songs people request! This isn’t really a song requests but could you do a video talking about tips for sight reading

Kamalawe says:

I love it!… but thanks!

Thoughts Of Thinking says:

I’ve been playing piano for a while now, but it’s still fun to watch this video haha!

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