Episode #11 You Are So Beautiful To Me Piano Lesson – Joe Cocker

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How to Play “You Are So Beautiful To Me” by Joe Cocker

For the full lessons and chords, visit: https://themusicworkshop.com

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Shirleyann Gilbreath says:

Thanks so much could you bring bridge over trouble waters please

1625Passion says:

Oh, thank you so much! The way you explain is so wonderfully easy to follow!!!

Alice Trela says:

Chords are wrong….

Kierra Golden says:

how do I download the sheet music

Jasper007 S says:

not as i had hoped for………

Robin Burr says:

It's a Gb7

TEQ Snukka says:

the tutorial is good..

TEQ Snukka says:

I like the fact that he says to play it slow to learn the patterns while he plays faster than the original song.. 🙂

Greth97Q says:

Thanks for the tutorial!!!! 👌 👌 it's so good

Daniel Cronauer says:

Sheet music please

Richard Moore Music says:

You're not playing what's written in the RH in bar 1 beat 4 in the sheet music or what's on the recording. You are playing 2 8th notes instead of a 16th followed a dotted 8th note.

Shirleyann Gilbreath says:

OK can I get the entire sheet…I finished your version beautiful thank you…I want to take your class but do not need first to fifth lessons

Metalltool says:

Thank you so much for this lesson! Much appreciated

Dr. Choobie says:

That Gb9 makes all the difference.

Trisha Sales says:

Thank you very much!

James Haime Soliven says:

plsease share you music sheet!:-) thanks in advance…

shopART says:

Thank you. Best tutorial ever. crystal clear !

Dave Wilson says:

Ab Ab major7 Ab7   you are so beautiful , your missing out mate

Lion Y cordero says:

share the leed sheet BRO
nice tutorial👍

The Glorious says:

Great lesson, authentic and GREAT teaching!

Born to Noob says:

Nice work dude! Finally nice piano lessons on youtube ,have you ever thought about making rock piano lessons?? Kinda Queen , Europe , Toto , Journey…??? There are lots of nice keyboard/piano songs without tutorials

Jack Kirkland says:

You use different chords in the first intro vs the second intro.  It's confusing

Aigars Mendris says:

sheet music please

Roxanne Roux says:

Wow, fantastic.  I'm in love.

Nick Schuermans says:

Really bad! Such a worse tutorial

Lani Daly says:

Love how you have the sheet music on top!

gdog_yaboi says:

sheet music please

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