Five Jazz Piano Exercises for 2-5-1-voicings – beginner to advanced

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I show you five exercises for 2-5-1-changes with jazz voicings. Start with exercise 1 and 2 and practice them through all the keys. Continue with exercise 3 which is more difficult since it uses an advanced 2-5-1 chord change. Exercise 4 is the same in minor. In Exercise 5 I ask you to make up your own 2-5-1 voicings so that your playing becomes unique. I give some examples how this could sound.


Valentin Keemer says:

Very useful exercices !!!!

Alejandro Lituma says:

The harmony is just amazing

Max Churchill says:

So the second chord you play you call G dominant 7 and you're still playing E, which isn't in a G dominant 7. Someone please explain.

Toby Fredkin says:

Gorgeous voicings! V helpful, thank you! Will be fun to try tinkering with your ideas with fingers that physically can't play an 11th ahaha

Michael Breskin says:

Thanks so much for this exercise. I am new to jazz improv. Great help. thanks so much.

Jad Sleiman says:

Can anyone explain the method here? Where do these voicing come from and why does he progress such as he does?

Katarzyna Kluczykowska says:

thank you!!

dianna autumn hill says:

tune that piano

Remi Merlo says:

Your video opens our hearts, ears and fingers so much. Thank you so much for your generosity. Perhaps one day, if you've got time and inclination, you might share more again for jazz pianists. hearing is believing, we are what we hear.

56dlp says:

In the right hand of your first exercise, you drop the "c" down to the "b". Why not also drop the "e" down to the "d"?

Stefan Lechner says:

Really excellent video! Thanks for this!

Kurt Cameron says:

I think you should change the title to advanced

TheObaachan says:

gets your II-V-Is straightened out. nice! 🙂

CJ N says:

Wow man, I was checking this video because I love expanding my harmonic horizons – and when you added the double two-five I lit up because that is new to me. I was right with you, even though you prefer voicings that can often be different than mine – but when you got to the fifth exercise, it really sounded like music, very good job, this video was not hard for me to follow at all, but I certainly learned. Mastery is so intensive and exhausting bit much so satisfying in the end!

Marcos Rodrigues dos santos says:

very good chords

FAZZ says:

The more I do these drill based exercises the more my fingers seem to innately know to move to coherent intervals when playing. Super useful

nelson0922 says:

stephan ,i like this video a lot ,is there anyway you can make a piano tutorial on the Nikolai kapustins opus 40 no 8 the one you did ,i live in nyc & do not know any one that can teach that to me ,can you get back to me ,thanks

Benjamin Baumewerd says:

Hey Stephan, I think you are playing V6 and not V7 in the first excersize. Nice voicing anyway though!

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