Five Woodpeckers – Piano Lesson 8 – Hoffman Academy

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Wes Dodson says:

Im not sure if this guy has any kids, but he is definitely a dad.

Kheng Tan says:

Thanks for teaching me how to play the piano ???

My little Swarga says:

Awesome tutorials, my 7 yr old one n me just love them. Thanks alot, god bless. New yr wishes

John Jean says:

Mr.Hoffman when I play 8 woodpeckers my fingers fly off is that good?

Daniel Steele says:

learnt those names in my old school

kfc chicken says:

I had been playing clarinet for a while so I knew the basic notes. My grandparents owned a piano but none of us ever played it. I decided to try it out and loved it. Fast forward till now I got my sister, my grandma and my dad to start playing. We are even getting a premium account!

Yiotukiru says:

im an intermediet but im looking back why didnt you show all of the note letters together

Alex Kim says:

Me like your videos

Alex Kim says:

You are so good I can't even do it

RavenDove Life says:

Can we make it more challenging by replacing the words with the note itself?

Rakshith R says:

Hands down, one of the best free Piano tutorials. Thanks for your Generosity 🙂

胡涛 says:

I was just looking around YouTube, and then I saw your video. Many piano lessons were no help. So I thought this was going to be a bad video, but it is good.

Paula Isabela Marino says:

I am 21 years old and I have always wanted to play the piano but never found the right videos on youtube and couldn't invest in a teacher! These videos are absolutely so amazing and I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to learn with you! Thank you so much for uploading these I really feel confident that I will gain the piano skills I've always wanted!!

Nidhi Vanshal says:

You are helping me to learn the piano thankyou very much I am watching you videos everyday thankyou ???

The cool Gamer says:


Foxy Gamer says:

Great. I learnt lots of things for my piano!thanks a lot

Nenze Gaming says:

Im just start playing piano but can this be done on keyboard i only have keyboard?

Omar Alkarnos says:

Thank Mr. i watched lost of vids trying to learn piano as i’m thinking of buying one. After watching your 8th lesson I’m happy to say that now i will start looking for a piano to buy and complete learning form you. Thanks again

Matías Berrios says:

thank you hoffman

Carina Santos says:

Really cool. I dont have ways to attend piano lessons where i live. So its awesome you do it here on YouTube and for free.
I wanted to learn how to play piano for a few time and you are the reason i'm doing it right know. So…. Thank you ??

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