Fly Me to the Moon – Intermediate/Advanced Piano Lesson with Jonny May

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Charles Frey says:

Best piano instruction video out there, bar none. Thank You Jonny!!!!

Geoffrey Power says:

Brilliant. I"ve learned more from watching a dozen or so of your videos than from any other teacher. I am so looking forward to getting into your complete course. Love how you swing and those rootless voicing are suhweeet.

Eduardo Inke says:


markbra says:

You have a really hard touch, is that good or bad ?

Barry Hunt says:

Absolutely brilliant, thankyou very much. As a beginner I learned so much from this, can't tell you how much I appreciate it, well done and again thanks 🕺👍😀

марсель 777 абдуллаев says:

Большое спасибо!

Shihan Wang says:

Thank you so much bro John! It is really helpful!

ZadettaMae says:

Man! That sounds sooo warm❤️

B MacDonald says:

I hope some time you will do a lesson on stylistic tips — like how you so effectively punch certain chords, create those awesome grace notes (esp. the ones that seem to hang there on the first note) that you use so effectively in the more advanced version of this song and Slow Soulful Blues, and how you liven up those long runs with changes in timing and intonation (sorry, for lack of better words)…..Can you share a few of your secrets!!

Igor Sirotic says:

Excellent lesson! Bravo, I really enjoy it

incrediboy2005 says:

Molto bene, bravo! ottima lezione!

Roland Gerard says:

Hummm i have to buy more lessons from you, so great….

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