Gospel & Worship Piano Tip

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Gospel & Worship Piano Tip

Take some piano lessons from Scott Houston “The Piano Guy.” In this video, Scott shows you how to play in an authentic Gospel style.

Gospel playing can sound more authentic by using this simple tip. This tip was shared with Scott by one of the guests on his Piano Guy show, Milton Ruffin.

Many times you have to move from a I chord to the IV chord. An example would be moving from a C chord to an F chord in the key of C. You will recognize the sound. As a matter of fact, if you do it in reverse, it is actually the “Amen” ending we all know so well.

In Gospel music you end up moving back and forth either up from a I chord to a IV chord or down from the IV chord back to the one chord. Now, here is the important part. You must not jump from these chords but rather “walk” between them.

Scott’s life goal is to help you learn to play piano through piano lessons that you can take anywhere and at any time to get you started having some fun at a piano or keyboard as quickly as possible.

Scott Houston is the host of The Piano Guy television series on Public Television and has taught hundreds of thousands of folks like yourself, how to have some fun on their piano or keyboard. He wants to help you get there too—as quickly as possible.

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Scott “The Piano Guy” Houston, Emmy Award Winning Host
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Gospel & Worship Piano Tip


ARIEL 7.50 Lang says:

Steve Jobs Do a piano tutorial?

haywood jablowme says:

You look like the Steve Jobs of piano instruction!

Double O Nuthing says:

Thanks Mr. Scott I, like learning with you best part of my day, peace and blessings.

Sharon Miller says:

thank you very much for the tip!!!!

theticoboy says:

Excellent videos

notserpify says:

oh that's cool!

Martin Larsson says:

Nice tip! Thank you!

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