How to play Apologize by One Republic on the Piano

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Jordan Maxfield says:

2007 i was 4 and a half i feel old

03MC says:

But… which parts go to which parts in the song? Do we play the one in the intro somwehere in the song too, or is it just in the intro? And so on… I guess I'll just have to try it out on different parts.

Сергей Токаев says:

большое спасибо

Obsessed With netflix says:

2:19 -for me

TechGamingYT says:

How long does it take to learn this?

Bobshica says:

Trying to learn this rn lol

Pete O says:

Cant see some of the keys hes pressing!!

Beth Hu says:

I’m falling in love with you

Carlos Jr. says:

I learned from this guy

Slime Stuff says:

So talented

NoCoolNameAlf :c says:

Who else is here 10 years later to watch this video

Dark Apprentice says:

My first song on the piano!

Zinta Foxana & The Painted Shadows says:

Since this video's release, everyone's been playing the melody/right hand lick
of the main riff & the chorus, wrong… Why can we just own up to it and say
that is 'at least' your own 'twist' on the melody? Because it definitely is not the original.
The original has more finger-jumping melodies & the chorus is much more complex.
This is just more-so an 'easier version' without having to jump your fingers off the keyboard.

Salina says:

anyone can share what is the model of this keyboard/piano?

FBI says:

Throwback to when his name was gotitans

Sai Yadlappalli says:

I was not even even born when you posted this is am 10

Sunita Chauhan says:

Its been 10 years and it somehow showed up in my recommendations.

The EfX says:

learn how to apologize 🙂

Nobody's Home says:

Great work on this my man

Sugar Crush says:

This is the best song I have ever heard it suits my sadness(I try to make it so it's only sometimes I feel pain-emotional pain) it's so uplifting it's like a part of my that's shattered and this song tapes it together like a part of me that was missing for eternity and now I've found it I love music so much it has helped me through the hardest times with this song I picture myself in my music room with my music teachers in front of class playing this but also singing the words and my voice combines with it and makes my class mates be in their own world lost in the notes and voice like I am, to hear music for me is like loving my family, if I was deaf I would find every way possible to at least feel music and still be able to sing to it, if anyone listened I hope you all have an amazing day, night or week and if your stuck and your head is whirling with so many thoughts and problems listen to music or to small sounds like raindrops outside it clears you head and then you can think properly have a brilliant day every-one

Sir .Driken says:

Aaaand 10 years just passed

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