HOW TO PLAY – Bohemian Rhapsody – by Queen (Piano Tutorial Lesson)

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This is a step by step piano tutorial on Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

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Amosdoll Music says:

Learn other awesome songs by QUEEN (Freddie Mercury) using my piano playlist here:

S R says:

Great Video. Keep up the good work. And I loved the film.

Ochapuriin Draws says:

I find it cute when he's like " OH no! The 5Th part is the 12Th " like he seems so happy about it?

Mike Dale says:

You should've sang the song in the 12th – 14th count

THEM says:

First video I watched of you're channel and I immediately got addicted to learning more, just hopped you'd do more classical tutorials

Yoselly Ramos says:

ok, first. you talk wayyyy to fast and I literally have to make the speed low and I still don't get it! useless/

JDizzle69 says:

You did your homework! You must’ve listened to Freddie’s isolated piano track! So many ppl get this wrong! #BravoDarlingg

A LaRock says:

Thought this was a tutorial

croque mel says:

i can hear your 'together' in my dreams

crunchyrabbit 123 says:

Don't read more…

Mwqhaaaahaaaa trapped beech

Told you not to press it!!

Friend me on Roblox name is crunchyrabbit123

Subscribe to da channel

You are a savage


You made it!!!!

crunchyrabbit 123 says:

Don't press read more.

Now regret…

I told you not to do it…

People in this world don't listen …..

Why don't you follow the instructions??

Almost there..

Here we are…


Sherin Tanjaya says:

This tutorial is very helpful! and now i can play it but still need some practice tho ? Thank you so muchh!

Ivan Nara says:

How long do you master this song?

Laláy Otsabra says:

How did you memorize it

StiCkY J says:

Dude, how much coffee did you drink? Slow the fuck down bro

AzzBolic says:

lol ive never played piano so inlesrned this in a music store. Took like 3 hrs lmao

Agustin Rro says:

Thank you so much for this tutorial dude, épic!

amaya says:

It took me 2 weeks to learn up to step 11, my hands hurt but its worth it ?

Emily Golen says:

Is this the real life?

No this is Patrick

Celine Cleonie says:


Meeper5 says:

i don't know how to play piano at all i just wanna know how to play this song

GTheactor says:

Could you maybe make a short video showing how to to do the live aid performance version of Bohemian? Theres a very nice opening before the infamous part of the song

Alex Biersack says:

The next part please! :3

Aj.and.the. Clique says:

Freddie Mercury was a fucking legend.

The Swedish Girl says:

It’s sad that after the movie came out I see both ”bohemian rhapsody” and Freddie Mercury everywhere.
So basically a movie is needed for everyone to remember a legend. I haven’t heard about Queen for years, and now suddenly it’s all what people talks about…
I absolutely love Queen, but now it’s like it’s one of these yearly trends, just like Abba… It just feels wrong, does anyone else think this way too?

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