How to play: I Wish – Stevie Wonder. Original Piano lesson. Tutorial by Piano Couture.

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Humareda16 says:

Woah! This is great! Perfectly arranged

Tiffany D. White says:

This is the best tutorial I have ever seen!!! And I've seen a lot! Thanks!

Lars UK says:

Very good video thanks! Am just confused about the key it is in though. Is it in Ebm? If so, is it changing key during the bridge as it plays Ab during the verse but then Ab minor during the bridge?

Bluesy Mike says:

The lesson, the whole lesson, nothing but the lesson, so help you lesson !!!

Jon LaFontaine says:

Can't understand why so many musicians were afraid or opposed to translating this great song onto piano. Piano is great for vocals, leads, strings, bass, even percussion in some cases. This is no exception, and you've captured it brilliantly. Well done.

Naomi Salalila says:

Thank you for this tutorial!?

muzikal221 says:

When you hit the gb, c, and eb is that supposed to be some form of a eb minor 6 chord or an ab7 chord?

Andre dubbs says:

Wheres the iconic drug induced sounding hyyyyyyyy everybodyyy

peter four says:

thanks for the very valuable lessons and your excellent choice of music.

Colton Phillips says:

Great video, really helped me nail it down a little more, I appreciate how you're just playing and explaining the chords visually rather than just talking every 7 seconds. Keep up the great playing 🙂

jansen ferreira says:

amazing voice and piano thks a lot. Great job man keep on walking please.

Todd W. Perry says:

Excellent instructions! The best I've ever seen, I'll be subscribing right now, thank you so much!!!

simon parker says:

Really enjoyed that. Thankyou. I'm giving it a shot tomorrow.:)

Gideon Efrati says:

Supper great tutorial – many thanks ! did anyone experienced not hearing the voice instructions???

Robin Wersich says:

great Tutorial but Can anyone eyplain mehr What The blue and Red dots mean?

ET Music says:

Nice tutorial. How does one figure out what fingering to use on the bassline (what finger to start with and what order to do that shift)? Ive been playing it totally different…perhaps it does not matter as long as it works? Im a guitarist and whatever works is what I do on the guitar since there are multiple was to play the same notes. Thank you.

cookymonster2100 says:

Did you play the chorus? I couldn't find it

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