How to play: Michael Jackson – Billie Jean. Original Piano lesson. Tutorial by Piano Couture.

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Will Markey says:

This is the most chaotic tutorial. It pisses me of cuz it sounds great but the way you teach it is all over the map

Reginald Dunn says:

Please talk and mention the name of the chords. It is just too hard to just copy you when we don’t know what you are doing. Thanks.

Vipin G Kumar says:

hard to understand. pls put the chords on screen while u triggering it

Nicolas Silva says:

awesome tutorial, thx a lots!

Julio Bravo says:

Great job!! Thanks you for share it.

Kamal Kamel says:

well done, please keep going

Ariana Schaap says:

Thank you so much!! Realy had fun learnin this!

Sinan Alakus says:

Thank you for taking the time to make this. Really helpful.

autism says:

I thought the first two minutes was the tutorial, but then i realised it was actually after the 2 minutes lol

Arman Tabrizian says:

I can't find the sheet music! :/

Michael says:

Its to fast

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