How to play piano: The basics, Piano Lesson #1

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This is a video lesson intended for people who want to learn how to play piano.

And yes, it’s free, I think people anywhere deserve a chance to learn how to play piano for free! It’s an international language and piano as well as music is such a wonderful skill to have.

This is a reshoot of the old series of How to play piano started by

Here is a link to a chart of a piano lesson overview of all my piano lessons. This chart shows everything I cover. To view the index go here.

If you’re looking to buy a keyboard to start playing piano check this page out to see my piano recommendations.


Tarnz Why says:

Can I tell you a piano joke????

What happens when you drop a piano down a mine?

A flat minner ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


This guy has good energy. Didn't even realize the video was 24 minutes until it was over.

userdogg201 says:

Learned how to play piano thanks to this guy. Been playing 6yrs now.

Wanyun Zheng says:

Great! Thank you!

UglyhoodRAT says:

Can i transfer my guitar skills and dexterity to the piano?

Amanjeet Dhaliwal says:

TALK up man I can't hear you

Amanjeet Dhaliwal says:

I'm watching I want a piano tho

Daniela Mendoza33 says:

Im am geting a piano and thx

sizlax says:

13:12 help me Andrew, I'm getting stiff!!

CalSkills says:

this dude looks like sherminator in American pie movie ! thanks for tutorial btw

waas vlogs says:

Fix your fucking hair your not goku

dingdongyouropinioniswrong says:

14:09 Got 'em

- says:

that hairstyle. must be a genius

J&A JA says:

he got shocked by lightning

XxBlurr says:

Well I was already in music playing the Clarinet

Pablo Cordova says:

Andrew this is awesome! Just bought my first piano because I've always wanted to learn and came across your videos. Thank you so much for your time and passion forever grateful for what you're doing. Keep up the incredible work buddy!

Hajar Laz says:

Thank u, i memorized the whole lesson, tomorrow it will be my really first course in learning piano so at least those little informations should be unfold to not look as an ignorant tomorrow !

Jenny Pesce says:

Your are going to fast. It's for beginners. Slow down

Nati says:

It's nice. Think you.

Matthew Mccomb says:

add wes better tham lesson

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