How to play piano with small hands

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How to play piano with small hands

In today’s quick lesson, Scott covers the myth that you have to have long, skinny fingers to play the piano well. Not true! Even if you have small fingers, Scott provides some simple but effective ways to play smoothly on the piano.

Most students begin to have trouble when they are trying to add a fourth note to a chord. A common habit and misconception Scott’s seen in students is that they believe they have to play the notes towards the edge of the keys. All you have to do is simply move your hands up the notes, closer to the piano. You should never have to have your hands twisted or wrenched around to play a chord!

This problem also occurs when you are trying to split a chord over two measures. That can sometimes be a very long stretch. If you are ever stretching longer than you can reach, you can “rock” up to them from the bottom. This is called “to arpeggiate.”

Finally, if you are still really struggling, you can invert a chord. For example, Scott uses a c7 chord to show that you can move the lowest note and move it up an octave and put it on top. That is typically a much easier way for students to play because it is a closer hand position.


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How to play piano with small hands


Heathen Potato says:

“I promise you don’t have excessively short hands”

My dude, I literally stretch my thumb and pinky to the absolute limit when doing an octave.

Dustin Ngo says:

Lol I was teaching myself piano this past week and started doing these 4 days in, but having no reference, I worried it was improper technique. So happy you confirmed the stuff I thought I was doing wrong.

My dudes Girls says:

Um have you looked at hallelujah From panic at the disco because I have it doesn’t work

ayokay123 says:

You can reach 10ths and you're preaching about playing with small hands?

ClearlyAnArtistAnimations says:

I love you.

Petula Guimaraes says:

Why can I not upvote this 10 times??!!!

2inch Pianist says:

I've never seen a person who has smaller hands than me.. so interested in this kind of helpful videos

Echoberries says:

Thank you!!

Kasita C. says:

I'm an adult but my hands are the size of 10 years old kid or sth XD Gotta try this trick when I can

Snowberry says:

my hands are tiny like jimin and im struggling

YYsays/ 歪歪說 says:

helpful tips thanks a lot

x̸x̸x̸ ガチャウルフ x̸x̸x̸ says:

My child hands are tiny but this helped

Alinutz Alin says:

His pinkie is as long as my middle finger….

1bananag H says:

I would love to say this helped but I literally can't reach from one c to another, this is a problem I don't know how to fix. I tried the moving the hand up the keyboard thing but the black keys jutting up make reaching it far worse, and the rolling thing doesn't sound right because I have an electric keyboard with no pedals.

panneko😺🍞 says:

I can't reach an octave 🙁

Evlyn Noel says:

Wowww…thank you for this video

JINXtheGamer says:

When I was 12 years old I dropped piano lessons because I had a hard time playing octaves with my small hands and the teacher never told me that it's fine to play from "deeper" position. Now i want to find him (if he's still alive) and kick his butt xD

JaeV Edwards says:

Man..I have been looking for someone to address this! And yes I do have carpal tunnel! lol

Vex Life says:

lol true xD

enrico Skhan says:

thanx a lot!! I have small hand and I can't play 5 fingers chords!!

wild man says:

I don't know who started the myth but it prevented me at first.

I ended up impulse buying a keyboard. Taught myself moonlight Sonata and fur Elise. Still don't know how to read music but I'll get it eventually.

Kagan Shepherd says:

My hands are literally tiny boi I can’t even reach certain chord with my hands up lol

Ptyler Beats says:

My right pinky is always killing me when I have to play spread out chords in quick succession. I was really trying to learn a piece that required that I played 3 four-note chords back to back. None of the chords were too difficult to play individually, but when I had to move my hands from each chord, it really stretched out my pinky and it was difficult to play. It’s always my right hand pinky that gets into pain. I’ve tried playing the bottom three notes with my thumb, pointer, and ring, I’ve tried doing my thumb, pointer, and middle, and I’ve tried every combo I can think up to give myself the most comfortable transition of notes, but it’s not working. It’s probably a problem that I’m teaching myself piano, but I’m not paying for lessons lol I find myself not enjoying some beautiful pieces because my hands just really hurt afterwards.

Nadiah says:

Thank you this made me more confident that I can still play well despite my tiny short fingers :')

Alkatsojo says:


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