How to Play the C Major Scale on Piano for Beginners – Learn How to Play Piano Lesson 11

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This lesson for beginners teaches you to learn how to play the C Major scale on the piano. The C Major scale has zero sharps and zero flats, so it is common for students to learn the C Major scale first.
The C Major scale along with the other major scales are essential in becoming a better piano student. Scales can be made up of a varying number of notes, but the major and minor scales are made up of 8 notes. Be sure to check out my other lesson tutorials to learn more about how to play the piano and music theory.

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Eva Wan says:

So if there are no sharps, does that mean it is an c major?

Eva Wan says:

Why do people dislike this😑😑😑😑😑😑😑 this is incredible😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

Pamela Barrett says:

You: "Thanks".
Me: No, thank youuu 😊😀😀 !!!

Myung says:

I'm slow at reading notes and then play it. Is it normal? I'm practicing piano for 3 days

Nightingale Of Bollywood says:

I am an absolute bigginer and want to learn piano, could you please suggest a good piano. I from India. I really want to purchase but not sure which one I should buy.

David S. O'Connor says:

Simple to understand for the beginner and absolutely perfect speed of presentation … thanks.

Eduardo Rafael Blanco says:

Great lessons i´m really enjoying your videos

D.Marie Medlin says:

Makes it look so effortless

Geoblader98 [ ゴルドン ] says:

Your series is very helpful and I've learned a lot in the last couple of days but unfortunately I don't have a keyboard with impact dynamic ( I don't know if it's the right term in English) but that thing when you hit the key harder it gets louder and the opposite.

What do you think should I upgrade to another Keyboard with that feature because I think it'll harm my play in the long run for not having this feature. :/
I think it would be helpful to get used to playing with this feature but I don't know…

John Gitau says:

hi.very interesting

Charles Jones says:

Question: Can one with small hands learn to play the piano…can only reach one octave. I'm tempted to follow you; would like to learn, not sure if its possible for me!

Ahmad Reza Haj Saeedi says:

Too much fingering!

spiderwick says:

this is my second day of practice, first time watching this video and 30 minutes later i can perfectly play the C scale with both hands at a relatively fast speed. i have never been so delighted! your classes are seriously incredible ♥

Vishnu R.V says:

is a keyboard with 19 keys enoogh?

Kurt Lanting says:

It took me for almost 2 straight hours but its worth it

Malaya Tau says:

Thanks you for the lesson. It helps

Natasa Veljkovska says:

remember to be realistic – you'll have to do a bit of work whatever method you follow for becoming a pianist I have spent months studying different systems and discovered a fantastic resource at Turbo Piano Secret (google it if you're interested)

Bell Salarda says:

It was really funny when you said " do kungfu" xD

miamidiver7 says:

Having a lot of fun on this lessons. Up to now, practicing both hands at the same time as been easy. Now it requires a little more to combine the two. Somehow, on occasion I come up a finger short at the end when I speed up. Working on the muscle memory. Great lessons!

Jeff Marnon says:

these lessons are great. simple and not boring…adult beginner here. great job!

James Leimer says:

ok im a little lost practicing c major scale then about 5.17 when he say's lets practice going down, the notes change am im the only one that noticed that?

Mr.Lonely says:

dude you are the best

Jonah Henley says:

Dude thanks your a huge help!

danny banks says:

Dude u the fucking best ….not to fast not slow….not too much talking but actual lessons thank u….

Ray Clune says:

h man – you are taking me on leaps and bounds – gonna practise my scales until become smooth at it – excellent videos – thanks a bunch!

OnlyRusseLLHD says:

i find that really uncomfortable, i know it is their for a reason but can i not do on my right hand 1,2,3,4,1,3,4,5 because it feels less awkward same for left hand can i not go 5,4,3,2,1,4,3,2? because it feels a lot more fluent for me

MC says:

I got it. thanks!
guys just try this.. it helps me 🙂 [1 to 5 = thumb to pinky] 
Treble clef:  cde->fgabc         cbagf->edc    
                  123->12345        54321->321

Bass clef:    cdefg->abc         cba->gfedc
                  54321->321       123->12345

RcLulu1 says:

I learned this scale in about 2 hours and a half of steady practice

George Meraklis says:

how to play piano online for beginners
 try Alkarno Perfect Piano Alchemist ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my mate got excellent results with it.

April Bodine says:

This is a great lesson!  I am surely going to practice this for a bit before moving on to the next lesson.  Thank you so much!

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