How To Play "This Year's Love" by David Gray | HDpiano (Part 1) Piano Tutorial

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Learn how to play “This Year’s Love” by David Gray!
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HDpiano says:

Full lesson:
♬ Sheet Music for this lesson available at Musicnotes!:

James Saturn says:

My soulmate Gemma, 7 years in November xxxx

Your local Swedish Kid says:

May I ask where the full tutorial is ? 🙂

Tom Knott says:

Great video, dude. Very helpful!
Could you do the piano part to "Discobox" by Beck, please?
Or "Jitterbug Boy" by Tom Waits 🙂😎🙂

Jaelynn G. says:

I love my best friend but I can’t love myself

Gabriel Saan says:

Faltou uma nota

Prateek Dang says:

Sir which scale did you play in dis video

David Previti says:

learning to love me first,,,

The Reelist says:

I love lamp. I love lamp.

Kyle Stevens says:

Musechick. I love musechick 😂😂😘

lovely liv says:

I'm in love with this guy named Gabe although he is a huge player haha. We're in a really toxic relationship and I'm getting over him by listening to This Years Love and learning to play it. Thank you guys. 🙂

milk n honey says:

Ben Pang.

Nobody to you but everything to me.

Just a crush thou.

pspjerry says:

I spent days mastering the first 28 seconds than when it changes I realized I don't even have that many piano keys on the right…..

Matthew Crawford says:

tcrawford 4 katy carlin

J W says:

I love it when I can learn a tutorial without stupid ass questions about who i love as some false kind of interaction.

Bruce Campbell says:

It's not a romantic song, it's about the agony of living without love, having known the feeling before. He says this year's love "better last" as living without it is intolerable.

Yung Belegen kaas says:


StephenDS says:

I really like her but shes with god now

DanielH25 says:


That is all.

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