How to Play Walking Bass Lines 🎹😃 │ Jazz Piano Lesson │Left Hand Lines for Any Chord Progressions

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How to Play Walking Bass Lines │ Jazz Piano Lesson
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In this video you’ll learn how to play walking bass lines with your left hand.

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Eduardo Merino says:

The best walking bass lesson ever.

Tu NGUYEN says:

Thanks for the tutorial

Mark Cianciolo says:

I entered the info requested and tried several times to download at I received nothing in my email. Have you discontinued this link?

Mark Cianciolo says:

A wonderful video. Exrtemely well done. I look forward to doing the exercises you provide. I hope to contribute in the near future.

Kiki Lian says:

Thanks, your videos helped me recall all lectures I had years ago and it rebuild a whole new perspective of my music knowledge.

Memphispally says:

Broken link. anybody got a copy they could share?

Samyot Kingpho says:

Thanks so much fun

Irene Robbins says:

I love the ending! I used to tell my students to do something else with their brains while doing left hand

kunle samuel says:

13:34. That child got some rhythm.

Aldebarán Carrasco Martínez says:

Un gran tutorial para pianistas de diferentes niveles.
¡Excelente trabajo!
Greetings from Mexico!

Vikki Davey says:

You’re very funny .
This was a great lesson but all a bit too advanced for me to keep up , it was very fast ( all that practising in your sleep has made you really good ! 😂😂😂) . I’ll have a look at your other videos to learn more of the basics . Thanks . 🙂

Ronnie McDowall says:

That was excellent! A really clear and clever teacher. I've been learning chromatic stuff on the bass guitar, I'm going to check out the rest of your lessons. Thanks

Discernment says:

Great lesson! Thank you.

Nathaniel L. says:

Is the bass really quiet or am i just not used to listening for it?

Eric Bonilla says:

Where can I get the backing track of the minute 0:55?

S M says:

hahaha, even when you're sleeping !

Piano Vlog says:

Thank you Master… please support me to subs back me. Thnk you

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