HOW TO PLAY – XXXTENTACION – changes (Piano Tutorial Lesson)

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Amosdoll Music is a piano channel filled with thousands of piano covers and step by step piano tutorials on popular songs.
With both Licentiate Diploma Classical Piano qualifications; and the ability to play and teach ANY SONG in the world, my goal is to teach you how to play any song you like on the piano in 3 ways.

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Amosdoll Music says:

Learn 15 other songs by XXXtentacion using my piano playlist here:

The Gaming Merger says:

Ok this is one thing I like about this song on the piano and X thought about this probably. This is simple kinda to play on the piano and other songs you need 500 arms to play the song

Axaye says:

xxx tentayshion

Matthew Swart says:

On the second part, there are 3 Bs in the 7 not pattern. On which B do I play the chords for the left hand

Sniper Hypers says:


Pure Playz says:

At 1:00 he messed up

Gwen Amburgey says:

Wth is he doing with his hands? Aren't they supposed to be in a specific position?

Boze Omar says:

A bit to fast mate

DanielPlays • says:

Let’s play the piano and call it a tutorial

Trevor C-D says:

You say his name so wrong

Th3fried Onion says:

I got the beat but the lyrics is hard

hasan avucan says:

My mans saying C sharp b a sharp B calm the fuck down ur trying to teach us I’m beginner

Juan Choquehuamani says:

Can you do They don't really care about us on piano

Jim Liu says:

Why do people dislike😭

Jonathan Wade says:

I did i this on my piano thanks

Haylee W. says:


Utek gamer says:

Ta get ahhhhhhhh

Mason Cuevas says:

You said it wrong lol

Rinoa Heart Canlas says:

Please make a tutorial of bts wishing on a star

Kia G says:

The shredder partís the same but the easy one I do different keys and only use 2 fingers

Kia G says:

I learnt the song you play it completely different

Rowen Drury says:

You said his name wrong

Lelaa Niqi says:

You are going to fast so i just left it

Pabocho Vlogs says:

Is XXXTENTACION, not XXXTentaishion

king nano says:

You played it wrong

copie cat says:

Everyone listen just put it to 0.5x so that’s gonna make him speak slow😊hope it helps

Federico Maggi says:

Ne. xxxtincted

Theoneandonly110 says:

this is amazing, thank you so much

Mr. Koala says:

Me and my friend played the song together perfectly, he did the lyrics and I did the music, it was godly.

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