Jazz Comping with Gorgeous Upper Structures! Quick Tip – Jonny May

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In today’s Quick Tip, you’ll learn:

– The Cycle of 5ths Chord Progression
– The Upper Structure and Minor 11 Technique

Want to truly understand jazz comping? Checkout the full-length course, where you’ll learn:

– Approach 1: Upper Structures & Minor 11 Chords
– Approach 2: Quartal Voicings
– Approach 3: Altered Dominants
– Approach 4: Rootless Voicings
– Approach 5: Big Band Approach

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Jonny May


Piano With Jonny says:

01:03 Upper Structures & Minor 11 Chords

12:45 Backing Track
13:17 Conclusion

Sandra Vandyke says:

do you have your piano courses on cds and books?

z xy says:

Thanks,amazing and useful

Clef G says:

Thanks for your lessons… everytime…

Cliff Hughes says:

Love these beautiful chords. Thank you for the video.

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