Jazz Funk – Jazz Piano Lesson ?(BAH)

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Jazz Funk – Jazz Piano Lesson ?(BAH)
Download the exercises for this lesson here: http://www.popjazzonline.com/downloads-for-funk-lesson/

From the teacher:
In this lesson, I will show you a few tips for playing Funk Jazz Piano. The pattern I’m teaching you here is the only pattern I’ve been using. Then there are many types of chords you can play in this style too, such as upper-structure voicings, 4th voicings etc.

This is the biggest production so far in my career as a jazz piano teacher. Thanks to my good friend Mikael Chauvet for his professional and excellent drumming on this tune. You’re one of the best!

Also thanks to my friend Erlend Hausken for dubbing the voice. I couldn’t do this without you 🙂

The band:

Drums: Mikael Chauvet
Voice overdub: Erlend Hausken

Piano: Gjermund Sivertsen
Bass: Permund Sivertsen
Keys: Lermund Sivertsen
Guitar/vocal: Skvermund Sivertsen

Thanks for watching! Thanks for your great support to my work. This means the world to me!

If you’re interested in a step-by-step program in jazz piano, please check out the Jazz Piano Step-by-Step Course at popjazzonline.com

This lesson was made with love for music ❤️
Make music, then peace will come!


-=Gjermund Sivertsen=-

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Absinthe with Mephisto says:

You could’ve explained how to find Phrygian by saying, “take a minor key and lower the second note in the scale by a half-step.”

Franco Ranieri says:

Very good tune! It reminds me the old groups with Peter Erskine. May ask you what synth are you playing, is it a Korg M50?

Dan Ordel says:

You guys sound really good…album in the horizon?

Samy Co says:

Should really rename the channel name to something more memorable than the name of a website. People will remember it more rather than an URL. My opinion ahah

Samy Co says:

You’re back !!!

Parmesana says:

really nice. thanks.

Adrian R. says:

Second comment

Fabiano Marchioli says:

Parabéns!!!…Muito bom.

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