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Learn how to feel 4 measure ‘blocks’ when soloing. Tutorial lesson on the great Miles Davis standard.


Marcos Lordello Quito says:

Hahhah, … … .. I was lost with this music last week as well. Not easy, definitely.

Jim Charles M. Morales says:

Nice videos tony, can you please make a tutorial for "Confirmation". Thank you very much!

Dominic Carpenter says:

Hey Tony.
Can you please do a video focusing on the improv for “take five”? Cheers

Bluesy says:

Hey Tony, I've recently suscribed to your channel. I've been checking some of your lessons and I wanna thank you for what you do! You explain really good, I really appreciate that.

Lori Nelson says:

Congrats on the 20K subscribers Tony. I appreciate all that you do for us

Tatiana Rebrova says:

Love it! Thank you.

Jenni Edgar says:

Really enjoyed this lesson

Bob Fridge says:

Wow, I just started learning this tune and was wondering about this. Thank you!

Ryan Marion says:

Good shit Tony

A.D Selinger says:

Great advice – many thanx Tony.

Dean ? says:

Keep at it, Tony!

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