Jazz Piano Tutorial – Musical Systems

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This Jazz Piano Tutorial is about Musical Systems.

When trying to determine what kind of musical system a song is using, you need to look for three things:
– Whether the song uses functional harmony or not
– Whether the song has a tonal centre or not
– Whether the song is diatonic (that is, in a particular key) or not

Based on these three characteristics you can determine what musical system the song is using. There are four musical systems that are widely used in Jazz:
– Tonal
– Modal
– Pedal Point
– Atonal

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Long Nek says:

This is gold.

아마따 says:

Hi! I've watched some of your Modal Jazz lessons so far. And so I have some questions around it.

1. As you said, Tonal Jazz uses major or minor key. So I wonder what kind of minor key it uses. I see that according to your lesson, minor scale is a major scale with minor 3rd and altered other notes. So does Tonal Jazz use all of the possible minor scales(or using them is possible)?

2. According to your lessons, Modal Jazz uses "diatonic mode" as its key. So, I wonder what "diatonic modes" mean. Is it "modes of diatonic scale, which consists of 7 notes"?

3. When you mention Functionality, the function seemed about that of diatonic chords in major key. So do diatonic chords of minor scales also have their own functions?

Sorry for this too many questions all at once. And always thank you for your blissful lessons!

Paradis Simon says:

1) Your videos are the most genuine, straight to the point, informative and optimized I have ever seen about music theory.
2) I have shown your channel to everyone of my music-oriented acquaintances and they all love them.
3) Those videos must require quite some work and I want you to know that they are very, very appreciated.

I'm very grateful for what you do, and I'm sure many others are too. Thank you.

churchwilliamsmusic says:

Your videos are the best of any channel. They zero in on exactly the most important principles. Thanks!

del satriani says:

thanks… my teacher….
i push- "like" on all your lesson video….

Yonatan Kristian Rishak says:

Nice explanation!

David's 2nd Channel says:

These videos are really interesting. However it would be easier to understand and more engaging if you used visuals more effectively. Someone who is great for this is Adam Neely. Thanks again


Nice.. it's like going to college. Thanks a lot. I know this material but you help categorize it. Btw I just figured out how to use musescore. I did a running base over hip blues chord voicings. It was not my arrangement. I have to get permission to use it.. as a courtesy..

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