Jingle Bells Easy Jazz Piano Lesson

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In this lesson, you’ll learn:

– How to play Jingle Bells on piano in a jazz style
– How to add chord colors and altered notes
– How to swing a bass line
– How to play with a Jingle Bells backing track

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Happy practicing!
Jonny May

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Dave Austin says:

Beautiful job.. I’m going to take a shot at doing the second part of the tune with the inspiration and vocabulary that you suggested on the first part of the tuneo

Daniel krome says:

¡¡¡Thank uuuu so muchhhh doc.!!!

302 Music says:

Thank you for posting this video! I love this arrangement! Gorgeous chords. And I had a huge smile on my face the whole time while listening because, and I say this in the most loving way, this arrangement reminds me of Schroeder , the piano player, in the old "Charlie Brown Christmas" special from the 60s. — Joel

Blossom Roy says:

Sir plzzz upload a class on how to write jazzy chords for a song and colouring it

Bjørn Lyng says:

Bad ! Too thick chords. Can’t even hear the melody. The simply way is often the best ! Sorry to say that. I’m a professional myself !

Azul Ajtzalam says:

I have been playing piano for one year now and I want to learn jazz but it seems so complex.

Barret's Music says:

Jazz chords are too big 🙂

Stephanie Guilmenot says:

Johnny. You play a lot, but seriously your touch is harsh. Practice making your play keeping tempo same with faster lighter combinations. Just saying….

Tony Randall says:

Nice arrangement, but went to the website and only sheet music was 4 bars, and no backing tracks. Suggestion: don't promise things that aren't delivered.

Celiomar Sagitário says:

Please, more jazz tutorial classic.

Bourbon Stagg says:

Beautiful.. thanks so much

Benjamin Bidlack says:

So good!!! Beautiful arrangement, Jonny! Thanks so much for posting!

sejuk damai says:

Nece i ove piano

The Cavalry says:

Wow I’m actually first for once.

☃️ Happy Holidays

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