Kaitlyn's 1st Piano Lesson (November VLOG)

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What’s it REALLY like to learn the piano?

I’m going to show you. And to do that I need you to meet Kaitlyn.

She works in support at Pianote, and aside from being an awesome colleague and friend, Kaitlyn also wants to learn the piano. So I’m showing her how, using Pianote!

For this VLOG you’ll see her VERY 1st lesson, and then how much she improves with a week of practice.

You’ll also get a glimpse of how we plan and figure out what videos to do for you guys, and I’ll share some hints about what’s coming in the future.


Here are the time codes:

– Introducing Kaitlyn – 1:27
– Her first lesson – 2:48
– Our planning meeting – 5:26
– Kaitlyn’s 2nd lesson – 7:38
– What’s coming up at Pianote – 12:32

If you want to learn along with Kaitlyn, check out Pianote:

It’s what she’s using for her lessons and practices 🙂

To learn more about chords and songs, check out Chord Hacks (FREE series):

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A Lady and A Piano says:

good luck Kaitlyn! I am vlogging my progress as a beginner learning piano as well, although I only know the C major chord by my 3rd lesson! keep it up! thanks for the upload!

Lenzon says:

Damn Kaitlyns hella cute

Nick N says:

Amazing insight to see 'behind the scenes' and a great idea to do a complete beginner vlog with an 'actual' new starter – well done Kaitlyn you are a Star 💥🎹 in the making 😎

Shane Fernandez says:

If your not busy can someone plz tell what should I know before becoming an intermediate pianist ??

Rishabh Raj says:

Love to see more vlogs in coming days

Andrew Bailey says:

Great first lesson, I really loved the song choice, I am a Sara Bareilles fan and would love you do a piano tutorial of either she used to be mine, or King of anything. Your a great tutor Lisa, very inspirational, and a great personality.

Kalila Valezina says:

I've just found my first piano teacher, I'm so excited to get started! I look forward to watching Kaitlyn progress. I love this channel, you're a great teacher.

MyGully1 says:

I met you on your faster lessons, btw, haven’t mastered them yet except the normal scales you first presented. I told you about my spinal injuries and you helped me so much with my confidence especially since I cannot go out for lessons, thank you a thousand times. But I haven’t found your practice sheets. Can you point me to them? Please?

Abhishek Pimple says:

I don't often comment on Youtube but I really want to thank you and an entire Pianote team for doing an amazing work. Kudos for this amazing idea of VLOG series of piano lessons. I actually went through the exact same process of learning piano as a complete beginner just by watching your videos and following guidelines of piano practice. Hand independence phase was the most difficult phase for me and your videos of hand independence exercises are just amazing. Thank you so much for your valuable input.

Really sorry for advertising my video here. But I really wanted to share with you my progress of learning piano using your videos – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tYW43LrCfg. I really think you should know how much positive impact you're having on adults around the world who want to learn piano. The song is not perfect and I messed few notes but I am super stoked about new videos from your channel which will make me and thousands of beginners around the world better at piano each passing day.

Thanks again for sharing the joy of learning piano 🙂

Patricia Ann says:

Everything about pianote is not just informative it's entertainment too , I love it 😚 , I have just one slight problem and that is I think the Christmas Carol lesson should be brought forward as it takes me a few weeks to master a new song 😭😭 is this normal ?

Mauricio Flores says:

You are a true tutor full of patience ready to teach. Keep it new piano player, you are doing great.
Also, i want to learn more! My notebook is ready to take notes.

Chorde E says:

Hi .. Iove your vlogs

Tim Lowery says:

I absolutely love your style of presentation. It's so approachable and non-intimidating. I've been playing keyboard for many years. I started on accordion when I was 6. I graduated to organ when I was 10 (but stopped taking lessons when I was 16 because there didn't seem to be any music for organ that was relevant for me). Later I started teaching myself piano technique mostly using synthesizers. I love to just turn on some popular music and play along by ear (I can usually figure out the key signature and melody as well as the chords). Some of my piano idols are Elton John, Billy Joel, and Bruce Hornsby. I would love to improve my technique, especially in the left hand. What do you suggest?

breanna Godfrey says:

Loved this!!!!!!!

J T says:

Congratulations, Kaitlin! I’m excited for your journey. I’m a self-taught pianist so I’m looking forward to watching your progress. No pressure with the camera on you, right? LOL!!! By the way, as a church pianist, it’s more stressful having someone singing while I’m practicing.

sobrcelt says:

This was awesome! Stick with it, Kaitlyn; I really want to see your journey unfold!

Ot Ratsaphong says:

Great video idea!!! 👍

David Quintero says:

This is awesome looking forward to see her succeed, being working really hard myself and I just got to dominate the c scale up and down with both hands

Tim Johnson says:

Props on being brave enough to do the video.

Flo T. says:

keep it up Kaitlyn 🙂

Tony Winikerei says:

I hope Katelyn has a spare 5yrs up her sleeve thats how long it took me and I still cannot play 🤣

Lhyn Santos says:

More videos like this!😊

Florian Niebauer says:

Please keep this up!!!

Fun And Wonders Forever says:

teacher is cutieee

Jan-Dirk Lehde says:

Cut the nails and become the next Chopin, Kaitlyn! Great work, wanna see more 🙂

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