Kodi Lee Piano Lesson with Yiyi Ku Piano Studio

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#kodilee #agt #yiyikupiano how Kodi learns a brand new piece

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Toni Colvard says:

You are an amazing teacher! I’m currently studying to teach and you inspire me to keep going and spread music to everyone

Stephen Childs says:

God is so Good. What a miracle this great Kid! Bravo to Yiyi!!!!

Jeanné Hall says:

Kodi's nailing a lot of what he's learning right here! A little slow in parts, but that's O.K. because he's doing this for the first time. It still goes to show just how much of a musical genius Kodi is! Great job!

Manuel Ortiz says:

Is it my imagination or he can learn extremely fast?

Clube dos Franqueados do Grupo Emporium says:

Parabéns… excelente aluno Lee

morrismartialarts says:

What a beautiful mind he has and what a wonderful teacher because you know how he learns!

Lynn Winn says:

Yiyi you are so good with Kodi

Rachel Finton says:


Michael Werner says:

She talks so fast. I don't know much about piano but 5:40 sounded amazing. This guy is the greatest musicians of our generation. No ego, just talent

MrWastingmytime59 says:

A special teacher and a special student, what a team!

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