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Solo piano arrangement of Autumn Leaves explained


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Geab12 says:

Green home – haha – good humor

FishingtonBurpPuzzle says:

Can't get it as it's so fast but thanks.

Madinko12 says:

14:30 “And then you can solo” o___O . Okay, let's do this 😀 .

Garrison Berry says:

I heard that guy,he is a dumb ass!! I have been around people like that all my life! My name is Garrison.

Juan Burgos says:

Amazing lesson! Thank you so much!

fernando Carlos says:

Hello, Can I write you, please ? G

John Cummins says:

Thanks for another superb lesson . When and why did you get your Montage?

Jacques Luu says:

Do you have the score sheet ?

Pierre MAURER says:

Wow! I hope you're making concerts, you're a great musician.

Sarah S says:

I really love this but my hands are small so I can't always do some of those voicings and I have to change them around so I can play them. Really awesome though!

René Arboleda Naranjo says:

Really good man. I´m cheking your music…! great

Key of brink says:

Nice voicings! Thanks for sharing!!

Hernan Gnesutta says:

awesome!!!!! please don't stop! these are the best piano lessons in YouTube. thank you very much!!

Spiro Jildeh says:

Thanks for the chords analysis. Can you please analyze the solo?

Tony Rataj says:

excellent video great song an very talented pianist thanks keep em coming

Curtis Igunbor says:

Could you do a Bill Evans Trio-Gary's Theme(Tutorial Lesson) I love Bill Evans

Pialicious808 says:

great lesson, is there any chance you could do round midnight in the future?

safenders says:

you are awesome thanks for the lesson

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