Live Piano Lesson – Autumn Leaves Basic Jazz Improvisation

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I skim over a few things in this song because it was shot for a student who already knows how to play most of it. This version is in B flat and taken from the New Real Book series.


David holbrook says:

Great lesson ! Any transcription available?

MrMoncale says:

la meilleure version merci

bkgangstapianist says:

I would say the. Key is definitely in Gm. Regardless to any beginners, train your ear! Pick it up by ear. Since improv is the essence of Jazz you need a strong ear. Good video.


hii..perfect!! wht is jazz improv describe in 3 words to u? tq

luis Gonzalez says:

Yeah ! very cool awesome, very well played .Thank You. I See myself playing it the just like that thanks.

PianoPlayer35 says:

Hello again… OK, I think I have find the reason (or one reason) : it's because of the 2 next chords…. which use a D ! Can you please confirm ? Thank you.

PianoPlayer35 says:

Hello, thank you for this video. I've tried to play what you are playing in this video, but !?! I don't understand why you've played a D in the 2 first chords (Cm7 and F7)… D is the 2nd in Cm7 and 6th in F7, isn't it ? I've tried with C in place of D (with the thumb) and it was a little "darker"… Is it the reason that makes you use the D, or is there any others things that justify this kind of "sustitution" ? Thanks.

wang myan says:

Wow! love 2 play like this. I can play but boring way just a bit of improvisation not jazzy.

wang myan says:

Why not help us beginners with sheets the way u play it? It is time consuming though – S'porean

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