Love Somebody: Left Hand – Piano Lesson 44 – Hoffman Academy

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cj vicente nasayao says:

The best piano teacher ever. 😊


Ah! Finally completed unit three

Albert Mendoza says:

No doubt, the best piano teacher online! Can't believe I played it with two hands already within this lesson! Thank you Mr. Hoffman!

ayush agrawal says:

After analysing so much I finally figured out key signature !! Yayyyyyy

Kyubz says:

Hi, my name is Albert and this is my 2nd day of learning the piano, I know these lessons are made for kids so I came from lesson 1 to 60 in 2 days or even less, and I can comfortably play this song on my 2nd day of watching your videos, I just have to tell you that you're great and keep doing what you do 🙂 I'm looking forward to some harder songs.

Ondra Havel says:

You could add "where is my mind" to you turorial list

Rita choi says:

was there previously a lesson explaining about key signature that I missed? I'm so confused with flats and so many sharps! 😭

Chris Kaplan says:

Love playing this one. Crazy how you were able to count the chord tempo while playing the melody too! Another awesome lesson:)

Chau Anh Nguyen Ngoc says:

I love your MUSIC 💗💖❤️❤️💛💛💚💙💜💙💜💙💞💝 okay I'm done too much

Clay Brown says:

Do you have a performance degree?

UZ Lyrics says:

You are the BEST
Thanks a lot MR HOFFMAN 🙂

Paco Nueda says:

Hi Mr. Hoffman. My son Dante and I have just finished Unit 3. Thanks to the link included in lesson 60, we are learning Moana's song this week. He is enthusiastic about the style of your lessons and I am happy to see his progress. Thank you!
Cheers, Paco.

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