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The major 6th blues scale is a great variation of the blues scale you can use to improvise. You only need to switch one note to get a completely different texture. Oscar Peterson loved using this sound when soloing. Check out this video to see how to play it!

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ian perfitt says:

thank you !! you are the man..


Thanks for this staff you deserve my👍

judy kopulos says:

Wow–I love using this scale!

Diplamatik Juan says:

Get the hell outta here flat 3, I don't need you anymore! But seriously I've been messing around with the blues scale for 20 years and in just 6 minutes you've opened up possibilities like never before. I've gotta take your course man!

Cocktail Piano says:

Very beautiful stuff.

Hung Hoang says:

OMG this scale is similar to "cai luong" scale, that is using in "cải lương" music (traditional music in my country (vietnam) )

findus says:

So basically a 13th?

saher80m says:

and can i change from scales in the same solo or i have to play one of them in the whole solo ?

saher80m says:

very good .. please can you write the system of chords that you played starting from 03:48

Ben Stoneking says:

Thank you for this scale demonstration! I've been trying to figure out what Oscar was doing to have that really bright major blues sound. I'm so excited to add this to my scale repertoire. I'll like you on Facebook!

walliekj says:

Great variation! I really can use this. Thanks for sharing!

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