Major Scales | Beginner Jazz Piano Lesson

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Major Scales – Beginner Jazz Piano Lesson

Scales provide the foundation for understanding harmony and learning the 12 major scales is a fundamental step in learning jazz piano.

When we play a piece of music using the notes of a particular scale, we say that we are playing in that key. For example, if we are playing a piece of music using just the notes from the C major scale, we are playing in the key of C.

All of the major scales contain 7 notes. However, you will also come across scales that contain 5, 6 and even 8 notes – more on these in other lessons.

The most effective way to learn the 12 major scales is through using the circle of fifths. The circle of fifths is a handy diagram that shows which keys are most closely related to each other on the piano.

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Koumi A says:

You explained it well! Thank you!

Tanya Papoutsakis says:

Hello Aydan, my problem is what fingers to use for each scale, when I practice. Please help me with this. Tanya

Per Fenger-Krog says:

Awesome! Thank you for really pedagogical tutorials/ Per

Mark Anthony says:

Clear, and great lesson. Do you have a lesson on "in a sentimental mood?"

D-Wizzel says:

Thanks a bunch! Learned all 12 major scales in a few hours thanks to you! Keep up the good work!

World Trad & Ethno Folk Channel says:

A lucid and concise tutorial, explained in a very visual way. Short introduction and directly going down to business – that's how all tutorials should be. Thanks for all, you're fulfilling a great mission. You should have a Donate Button on your website.

Animals are not Things! says:

me too, well explained 🙂

Jan Russell says:

Great..At last i understand the circle of 5ths.. cheers

igor asd says:

Thank you! Very useful.

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