Misty – Improvisation lesson – major modes – Jazz Piano College 207

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How to Solo on Jazz chord changes
I Ionian
II Dorian
III Phrygian
IV Lydian
V Mixolydian
VI Aolian
VII Locrian

Course materials and outline here:

Jazz Piano High School, getting started
Jazz Piano 101-199, basic concepts
Jazz Piano 200-299, more advanced concepts
Jazz Piano 300-399, innovative ideas


judy kopulos says:

Duh. I don't know why, but I don't see a G flat major scale.

Adam Richards says:

Great video as always! Gb major has always intimidated me, but when you describe as all black keys except for B and F, I'm no longer scared!

Виктор Томилов says:

Отлично!!!!! Жаль не владею английским, ((((

james d says:

Thanks Tony…glad found your channel

Philosopher's Stone says:

Nice video. I am trying to learn misty. Sorry i'm a novice, but as you were demonstrating phrases with the Eb/Ab major scale, it sounded really good. When I try it, it sounds bad. Any tips?

Fifikus Fifikus says:

Thanks for pointing out the usage of the avoid note. It is not necessary to avoid it as long as you put it in the right place. Phrasing is very very important and the trick is just to listen and improvise more.

Jacky Hu says:

thanks for your lesson,very useful for my pratice!

Wenjia C says:

Thank you very much Tony. This is absolutely down to the basics and very helpful to me.

Robert Bernard says:

I get very enthused listening to your tuition Tony which prompts me as a beginner to learn. I'm sure you will agree that in order to improve, I need to master the chords and scales. So to get this straight in my mind, are you mentally having to focus on knowing an playing the appropiate scale for each chord as you play the tune? If so, is this based on you looking at a lead sheet first of the chords and deciding what scales or portion thereof should be played for each chord and memorising that before you play the tune?By the way, did I see you in a priests collar in one of your videos? Cheers

Dave Snow says:

this is amazing! love the avoid note😂

얼굴포카칩 says:

sir I'm very much thankful to you!!!!!! amazing lessons here!!

Could you do us
Mode scale lesson with
"All the things you are" Please??

seng ip says:

The real hero! Thanks !you just open my eyes

Korbin Davis says:

I'm a fairly experienced classical piano player about to get into a jazz band, and I've never learned the Dorian, Mixolodian, Iodian etc. scales. What exactly are those and how can I learn/incorporate them?

Andrew Lim says:

Sheeh these keep getting better. Awesome videos.

Tom says:

Thanks for this, hope to see more!

natollys says:

Wonderful Stuff as Ever….Thank You.

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