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Simple Sheet Music: https://mnot.es/2xzLAgS

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FedericoOttomano says:

I find difficult to add notes that are not part of the melody with my right hand. Cause I'm used to play just the melody with it. So I tend to play the complete chords with my left hand but (obviously) not getting the same result in terms of space and cleaning. But I also realize that when I have to play extended chords (9ths, 11ths, 13ths) I can't play them just with a hand, do you have any suggestion for me? Thanks for all your videos, you've been /are very helpful!

Putrid Berry says:

Do you think you could do a stormy weathers tutorial?

Big Black Crocodile V2.16 says:


Brian P. says:

Or, we could actually just read a full version and toss out the “real” books. ? Seriously, I’m trying to be able to read from them, but sight reading is actually easier for me. No wonder it’s so hard for me to memorize though. Thanks, excellent video. Subscribed.

Maryam Soliman says:

Can you please upload california dreamin' tutorial?

아멘 says:

what is your keyboard model? please

Putrid Berry says:

I spent about 4 hours one night learning this song and all the extensions and it makes me so happy jsut to play it so thabks

dry509 says:

Is the melody always on top or the highest note in the right hand? Also would this be considered chord melody style of playing?

MikeBristol says:

Great tutorial, thank you so much. So well explained, and graphics are perfect.. Brilliant teacher

Pradhee Sandeepana says:

Thank you btw your accent is so cool

John Saddler says:

Thanks for taking the time to break this down. Have you done the same for other jazz standards?

Maryam Soliman says:

can you please do a tutorial for "tea for two"?

Ezequiel Martinez de Escobar says:

Man, I had to stop in the middle of it. You do know how to teach, and obviously love it. My life as a piano learner was turning dull 'til I came across this video. Thumbs up.

Ariel Azcurra says:

Great lesson! Many thanks ??????

maggieroemer says:

please do “I fall in love too easily”

Daniel Ferreira says:

Incredible work, love your videos. Keep it up, thanks!

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