ObLaDi ObLaDa by the Beatles – Easy Free Piano Lesson

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Piano Lesson Easy Covering the Beatles song Obladi Oblada.

This video starts from a basic G chord and walks you the the verse chords and bridge chords. It teaches you a beginner or advanced accompaniment option.

Feel free to ask any questions!

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Senpai Kenzu says:

how aboout the 'in a couple of years they have built a home' part?

Someone On The Internet says:

Thanks for this. It's the first song I've learned on the piano. But what about the bridge? (In a couple of years they have built a home sweet home…)

tyler borders says:

I was looking for the
“Dun dunadun dunadun dunadundun”
What about you guys? Lol

Mo’s Music says:

Wrong chords

Elan Sun Star Photography says:

yes! LOVE this song too much

Nicolò Fiori says:

how You do it

TheProudPortugese1 says:

Thanks a lot. Really helped!

Jasmine Autry says:

what about the bridge? what are the bridge chords?

KimJongCostello says:

No doubt! But the comments that come after yours are nonetheless whining "where's THAT part?", "I think a word is wrong", "I want the piano score", "I don't like the left hand accents…." Good enough tutorial, certainly worth more than it cost them.

Ichigoblack123456789 - The Walking Dead says:

Yo aprendo con synthesia XD

Elías Serrano says:

Do you Have the piano score? I really love to have it

Jassiel Contreras says:

La la la la life goes on ? Is la la how the life goes on

Rosha Shasho says:

"In a couple of years they have built a home sweet home,
With a couple of kids running in the yard,
Of Desmond and Molly Jones…"
Where's that part? you didn't play it

airportmotels says:

@Beatlesfan91macca how do you figure that? i dont hea "how" in any of the version ive listened too

tomwhite3004 says:

i don't know if you this but all vids on youtube are free…

NachoMist says:

THERE'S AN EASIER WAY TO DO THE VERSES! In the left hand, when you get to the C chord, go down, not up. In the right hand, instead of going all over the place on the keyboard, stay in one place and play root G, 1st inversion of D (By the way, on "Molly is a singer in the band", switch to D7 by adding the C) , and then the 2nd inversion of C. YOUR LIFE WILL BE HAPPIER.

thecookie445 says:

What type of keyboard do you have??? 🙂

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