Pachelbel Canon in D piano lesson

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khlur wahlang says:

This was not so clear

Autumn Ballantyne says:

This is still too hard

Cesar Manza says:

Gracias, con tu sistema estoy aprendiendo a aprender

Darth Panda says:

This is soooo good. Thank you.

zhouli ni says:

the view of it make it hard to see

zhouli ni says:

slow down man

Bunteang Chea says:

How do I play like u

Ryan Lin says:

Good job thanks!!!

Chuwy says:

best teacher

Iradia kalenz says:

Hello! Thank you for the video and for the sheets. But I've got a question. How were your fingerings motivated? Cuz my fingers are rather big to hit some keys. For example I can hardly put my middle or ring figer between 2 black keys. That feels awkward, especialy because I'm not fat, just tall and my hands are big. Should I still stick to your fingerings or come up with my own? Because may be there is some particular reason to hit certain keys with certain fingers? What would you recommend?

Bei Bei Miao says:

Love thanks

Roberto Gallo says:

??? good good good good good good good good. ???☺☺☺?? good

MrNaughtyed says:

nice! is this the George Winston version ?

cameron lewis says:

I just started playing piano and I learned this in an hour

Cheymaa Sdk says:

Sometimes we can't see anything because of your fingers but this is the Tuto ever 🙂
Have you the sheet of this music ?

aaaaaaaaaaaa808 says:

kind of different from what I have learned but It's a nice addition to learn another version of it.

Veronica Alessandrello says:

the best piano tutor I've worked with. thanks for your method. I feel very fortunate for having access to your videos.

Greg Garcia says:

kind of blows. not being taught anything

Henry Bonilla López says:

I need the sheet… pleace!!!

VeXd PiNoY says:

Dude it will b a lot better if you teach us instead of showing us

974denis says:

Merci beaucoup, avez vous : the heart asks pleasure first? Merci

DCGraf1 says:

thank you for checking it out!

Thao Nguyen says:

Amazing, thank you so much! ^^

mhillemond says:

Wow thanks for sharing! ^_^

pia di costanzo says:

si vabbhè…………………

aditya khule says:

Great!!! thanks Greetings from India. Do you know how to play moonlight sonata movement 2 and next others ?

Zeryl Strauss says:

Good job man nice work thanks

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