Piano for Beginners, Lesson 2 || Starting to Read Music

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This is the second lesson in my series of piano lessons for absolute beginners. In it, I start looking at how we read music, beginning with the five-line stave and the treble clef. I also discuss how we represent notes that lie outside the stave, using ledger lines. There is an accompanying PDF with notes and exercises.

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webnet15 says:

I'm learning how to play piano and this is AWESOMENESS…….glad I found this site…..Mark

Joseph kumar says:

Amazing,I am mesmerized by your way of teaching👌👌

Furryshit says:

Thank you kind sir!

buyinza barnay says:

link is not working

Marco Garza says:

You’re a great teacher

Lianet Santiesteban says:


Me:I think bill does not know how to talk

a2zpiano says:

thanks for those lessons. Very clever way of explaining those. I hope many beginners are able to get started watching these lessons

Brandon Shearer says:

I've always wanted to learn to play my keyboard since asking for one for my birthday when I was like 15 and never really got round to it. Found this channel recently and it's been a complete godsend. Everything is very clearly explained thus far and is easy to understand for beginners like myself! 10/10 for content!

j3k6y says:

Hmpf.. that was a lot harder than i thought it would be. I wasn't considering myself a beginner at first, as i can play several 'intermediate' pieces, can read notes as have played a musical instrument (clarinet) for 11 years in the past. However, never had a single piano lesson, just started to play a little as i knew where to find the middle C and so on. I've watched several tutorials, but i must say, your voice sticks to me and i love the way you explain it all. So thanks for that Bill! I subscribed and will start practicing with your help! 🙂 Really curious where it will bring me in a few months.
I didn't listen to your first advice (practicing for 30min tops per time) so my wrists are hurting now (after being behind the piano for more than 2 hours…). Do you have any other tips? (also for a bit to eager students..).

Jevaughn Small says:

So I'm the only one who learnt E-G-B-D-F as Every Good Boy Deserves Favour/Food?

マダオMADAO says:

Hello, I have a question, do I have to play the notes like the whole line in one go or it’s okay to play them separately? I mean there’s this ( 🎶 | 🎶 ) so is it okay to take time at the first syllable of the ( 🎶 | ) ?
Or should I play the whole
(🎶 | 🎶 | 🎶 | 🎶 | 🎶 | 🎶) fluently?
I’m sorry if the question isn’t clear but that’s the best I can explain XD.

Thank you, really appreciate your lessons and using them now.

ksusha692 says:

You are amazing teacher

Cassi Flyn says:

This video helped me so much.😊

Emmett O Kane says:

Omg 😲 u are the best I’m only starting Piano 🎹 and don’t know the notes 📝 yet so thanks 🙏🏻



Cookie Kat says:

There is another easier way to remember the lines too.It is Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge. But otherwise, I love your vids Bill <3 . It helped me a lot.

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