Piano Keyboard Layout and Key Names – A Lesson For Beginners. Learn to Play Piano Lesson 3

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Learn the layout and the names of the keys on the piano in this lesson. From here, you can learn how to read notes on the staff and then find them on the piano. This is a perfect lesson for those looking to play the piano and consider themselves beginners.

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This is the third lesson in the learn how to play piano tutorial series by LessonsOnTheWeb. This learn how to play piano with this series of piano lessons and tutorials for beginners covers reading music notes on and off the staff, ledger lines, note durations, and the layout of the piano keyboard. Note durations covered: Quarter notes, half notes, dotted half notes, whole notes. Notes durations are essential in learning how to play the piano. Be sure to check out my other piano lessons here on youtube. Learning how to play the piano can take some patience, but it is possible to learn how to play some relatively simple things on the piano. The topic covered in this lesson (finding notes on the keyboard) are essential in learning how to play the piano.
To find the note C on the piano keyboard, you want to find a group of two black keys. Take left black key and go one note directly to the left and that is C. Middle C refers to the note C located near the middle of the piano. To find the other notes you can either count from C since the notes go in alphabetical order, or you can memorize the notes where they are in relation to the group of black keys. Note durations is a topic beginner piano students should become familiar with and refer to how long a note is held down for. A quarter notes gets one beat, a half note gets two beats, a dotted half note gets three beats, and a whole note gets four beats. Reading sheet music is another subject covered in this tutorial. Depending on which line or space a note falls on will indicate what note it is and where on the piano keyboard that note is located. The lines of the treble clef are E, G, B, D and F. The spaces spell the word “FACE”. The lines of the Bass Clef are G, B, D, F, and A. The spaces of the Bass Clef are A, C, E and G.
To get more practice reading notes: http://classic.musictheory.net/82


Piano Lessons On The Web says:

In the next lesson, we really start putting these concepts to work by reading notes on the staff and actually finding them on the keyboard. Watch the lesson here: https://goo.gl/935xMR

The Video Inspector says:

I’m not sure if anyone else has said this, but I like to remember the locations of the letters as:
2 black keys = c, which equals chopsticks.
And the 3 black keys = f which equals a fork.

SMHA says:

Your teaching me the “Dora the explorer” way – I love it.

bts bangtan boys says:

You r really a genius teacher

TAEHYUNG'S Bae says:

Excuse me but why is it D on 10:40

Reham Youssef says:

Brilliant you are ?

susan dsouza says:

This is an excellent video for beginners…..you explain n demonstrate so well….. thankyou

arcaeio says:

Watch carefully as the viewer count drops with each lesson and more people give up.

Blane 2007 says:

In learning which note is which from an alphabet standpoint, would you suggest purchasing stickers off amazon that can be placed on the keys for easy reference?

Felix Farrarsmith says:

i used a white board pen to label my keys

WindBladeYT says:

Every good boy does fine

angry pepe cancer says:

The camera angle making me dizzy

eahemam says:

You good thing i found your videos, i ask my grandma to teach me play piano, cause she has one at the house just picking up dust, and her answer was go find someone that can teach you, i was a little disappointed in the answer she gave me. Thanks for making this video.

ericjr1985 says:

At 10:42 you said D when it should of been B. Lol but besides that, these videos are a good tool to help me learn the format for teaching piano lessons.

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