Piano Lesson | Bruno Mars | Versace on the Floor Pt. 1

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David J. Young says:

looks like the microphone is RODE NT1
got the same one here bro
good job anyways~!!

pky107 says:

Thank you for the video!

Jason Shrestha says:

this sounds great ! which EP vst are u using here ??

Jesse Valero says:

Piano hip hop The 3rd chord to the Verse to that song is actually
Not: LH: E RH: GBDF#

HOUR:N9NE says:

Can you please do the synth solo tutorial bro

Nani Ramirez says:

Hey can you make a tutorial on honey by kehlani Parrish

Fergus Cafferty says:

Dude you are seriously talented!

One minor query/potential mistake: In the second group of chords, you say your playing a C major chord, but the typed note display reads C6 (A C E right hand).
Is it a typo? C major sounds better here.

Nick Grant says:

What do you do for a living? Just curious because I've been following you since the beginning and I really want to know. It's so cool that you do this on the side as a passion. Keep it up man.

Roburt Paul says:

Why the fuck you lyinnn why you always lyinnn ooooo oh my gawd stop fukin lyinnn

Nicolas Correa says:

Thanks! can you do the Too close song lesson?!

HOUR:N9NE says:

My favorite song man and the most complex and i learned it in 10 minutes from you man key change and all

Hander Suazo says:

what do i play for the second verse

Prince B. says:

Anyone know the sound effect at the start? Been looking for the name for ages, is it just a rhodes?

John Lazy says:

you have a great voice πŸ™‚

James Jayson Ty says:

that voice. nice one bro. πŸ™‚

Jean-Edouard Jean-Gilles says:

Man I was looking all over for the full version of this song and i finally found it in this part and part 2 really preciate it man i can finally learn the full song.

TravZ Orevart says:

are you the one who made the 'Objects in the Mirror' By Mac Miller piano tutorial ?

Althea Chloe Piza says:

where's part 2?☺️

Lowell Balite says:

no part 2 yet? I've been waiting for it so bad

Marvin Cariaga says:

Looking forward for part 2

Iamthealan says:

Thanks so much!

Joe Gil says:

Dude please do a tutorial for Bruno Mars "Straight Up & Down" that is the jam!

Ira Ybanez says:

You are so awesome and explain soooo well! But sometimes the chords you display are not the chords you play, maybe it's a minor typo but it can get confusing at times if they don't match up. Other than that you are awesome!! ✌🏿 πŸ‘πŸΏ

Jed Enerio says:

No part 2 yet? It's been 3 new videos already. πŸ™‚

Ed says:

Thank you so much for this lesson, happy new years! Looking forward to part 2.

Aldana Suares says:

Stolen Moments,Risk It All of The Vamps Pleasee

BzKBeatZ says:

can you do one to Get you by Daniel Caesar

Muhammad Jusuf Faturrahman says:

thanks man! really helping me out!

RiCo says:

YAHS I love your videos brah!

Demetriuz says:

Hey Guys

lol not sure what happened some of the audio is out of sync with my corner video.

Shouldn't throw you off from learning though.

This is a longer one so good luck and I will be back with a Pt 2. for this next weekend.

Thanks for all the love and have a happy new year!!

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