Piano Lesson My Old School by Steely Dan

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I’m Shawn Cheek, and I’ve been teaching piano for 30 years, the last 12 exclusively online. I have 2 websites, webpianoteacher.com and shawncheek.com. webpianoteacher.com is for learning to play by ear using the chord approach. shawncheek.com is for learning to read music notation and classical music. Combined, I have 5000 video lessons, a lifetime of music learning! If you’d like a huge discount on a Dual Membership Lifetime Package to both websites, send me an email to easypianolessons@yahoo.com. Enjoy your music! Shawn

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Finn McCool says:

Great lesson as always. One of my all time favourite songs. Ceud taing, Shawn.

Tyler Larson says:

Thanks for this, man! Best tutorial on this song that I've come across! Great job! 🙂

TSS says:

Hi Shawn! Great video. Can you do a tutorial for Steely Dan? Either Caves Of Altemira or Jack Of Speed?

Your tutorials are incredibly helpful. Thanks!


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